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Zionists come out to play

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – By Catherine Shakdam –  As Israel set out to murder Palestinians in Gaza, or rather whatever has been left of Gaza under the ever aggressive territorial erosion campaign which Israeli illegal settlers have been carrying against Palestine, the Zionist media war machine rolled out the cavalry, unashamed and proud.

The narrative is simple – cloaking Israel’s killing squads with an aura of martyrdom, the unsung heroes of a nation which has been endowed by God himself, “The Chosen People.”

When logic and morality would have sane people recoil in horror before the harrowing murder of a Palestinian teenager by enraged settlers – Mohammed Abu Khdeir (16-years-old) was set on fire to fulfil Israel’s somewhat eschewed sense of justice.

Mohammed Abu Khdeir’s life was cut short in the most inhumane and cruel way possible to quench Israel’s thirst for revenge, to satisfy its people eternal quest for vindication against the Palestinians, as if their very existence somewhat justifies Israel’s hateful stance.

Lest we forget that PM Benyamin Netanyahu has played the death of his three Israeli teenagers in Gaza to his propaganda tune, spiting venom, calling for blood to flow in a calculated bid to renege on any peace agreement, deflect blame onto the Hamas, even out the score with Washington in regards to U.S. President Barack Obama’ stance towards the Islamic resistance and finally solve its energy crisis.

The following are to be pondered over when looking at Gaza and Israel’s ongoing massacre against Palestinians:

  • Gaza sits on billions of dollars-worth of natural gas and Israel is facing an energy crisis.
  • Israel needs the Hamas out of the way if it is to control political developments in Gaza and prevent any real meaningful hope for peace while its settlers will continue to disappear whatever is left of the Gaza strip.

A racist nation, a terrorist nation, Israel is once more raining death on Gaza, unapologetic before the horrors committed by its military. While Palestine cries, while Palestine mourns its sons and daughters, while the blood of yet more martyrs has tainted the land of Palestine crimson red we have been told to feel sorry for Israel.

The BBC has told its viewers to empathize with Israel’s pain, to experience its sorrow … and yet it is Palestine which has been set on fire. It is Palestine which is cowering under Israel’ shells; it is the sky of Palestine which has been filled with smoke and cries.

It is Palestine which is experiencing death, despair and unspeakable sorrow, not Israel.

If killing a people was not sufficient, Zionists intends now to deny Palestine its humanity by rejecting its claim to suffering. But Israel does not have the monopoly on pain.

Is it not Israel which since 1948 has acted an executioner to Palestine? Is it not Israel which has killed, maimed, tortured, illegally detained, brutalized and terrorized the Palestinian people?

Is it not Israel which has actively worked to deny Palestine the sanctity of Jerusalem for only the Jewish faith has been deemed worthy of recognition?

Is it not Israel which since 1948 has committed more horrors and crimes than any other given nation in the world without ever being made to face the consequences of its abominable policies?

Is it not Israel which has systematically violated international law, while never being held accountable?

Are we still meant to feel sorry for Israel? Are we meant to cry for its apartheid system? Are we meant to associate with Israel’s pain when it is Palestine which cries out?

I think not. I think the time of lies has passed. I think the time of deception has passed. I think it is time for Israel to be known for what it is – A murderous nation.

The BBC spoke of “Israel under renewed Hamas attack” in its headline, directing its viewers to believe that Israel is in its right to destroy Gaza.

Lest we forget that it is Israel which drew first blood. Using the death of three teenagers to justify waging a war on Palestine is nonsensical. Where would we be as human beings if we were to wage war against each other over every murder or killing?

With such logic Palestine would be actually in its right to ravage Israel from north to south, leaving no quarter. After all, as noted by Gideon Levy, one of the few descent men brave enough to call out Zionists on their crimes, Israel kills on average one Palestine child every four days. That tally should account for many wars.

“Israel under renewed Hamas attack”! And yet no report of death in Israel … in Palestine however blood is flowing freely, but then again Palestinian blood is cheap.

And the world condemns Palestinians for retaliating to Israel’s attack … but then again Palestinians have been denied the concept of self-defence as before Israel none should resist and all should bow in awe.

And the media rose in the defense of Israel for remaining so brave before such hardship, a lost island of democracy and civilization in the midst of Arabian barbarism … yes of course only the people of Isaac are the true inheritors of the Earth while Ishmael was just the son of a slave …

Such is Zionists’ narrative, such is their bile, such is their disease.

But those who can think and those who can feel will stand by Palestine. We will stand watch with its people, mourn with them, cry with them and for them. We will not forget the deaths and we will not forget the cries … but unlike Israel we do not call for blood, only justice.

Unlike Israel we do not walk the devil’s path, we do not revel in the blood of our enemies, however cowardly and ignominious they may be. We do not need to destroy to justify our existence.

Palestine is and will remain. Palestine will endure all as Palestine is not for Israel to destroy. Palestine has never been just a land, it is an idea, a hope, a song we all carry within … the promise of the last coming and salvation.

When the hour will strike, Palestine will tower over all.

Palestine was, it is and it will always be!






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