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Readers of The Levant enjoy being surprised with new information and in-depth analysis, and appreciate rigorous research and attention to details others might miss. Indeed, many of our readers are reading our magazine from the very places we are writing about, so representing their stories and their experiences with integrity is of critical importance to us.

However, we would like to avoid excessively technical analysis, insider terms only specialists would use, and overly specific topics. We prefer contextually-driven writing.

The ideal The Levant article explains ideas behind the news, sparks debate, and engages thinking on new topics. We look forward to hearing your ideas, so send us a pitch that keeps a few things in mind:

  • Read the Web site. It’s the best way to see what we publish and what we might be missing—we’re very open to fresh ideas.
  •  Avoid the obvious. We receive much more than we publish, and the articles that don’t make it to our site and magazine generally tell us what we already know.
  •  Fill in the gaps. The Levant tries to connect the issues facing this complex region with causes both within the region and beyond. Help our readers understand how a fluctuation in the cost of oil per barrel in Saudi Arabia is changing the price of milk in Lebanon, or show our readers in France how an issue in Jordan affects them.
  •  Please stay away from technical language. Readers of The Levant are very smart, but we want them to feel like they are having a conversation with a well-informed friend, not their dreaded Intro to World History lecturer.
  •  Back up what you say. Tell us what you think but do let our readers know how you came to discover what you know by referencing your research and your anecdotes with names and dates.

If you share our vision and goals, please forward your CV and writing sample to: thelevant2020@gmail.com



  1. As bible wrote in later years every nationality will have sooner or later the same wisdom like anything else so you the red indian people listen once and listen good. I will forever option to set you free from your problems but if I do is there any reward for me? At least I beg you give me something when you get what you want. Bible wrote Jesus says he had come to the world to set prisoners free to give sight to the blind, to open prison doors. I saw how they were treated by those foreigners. i will try to pray to the Lord Jesus to set you free and get back all your valleys your farms. You must foster good relations with every nation of the world and pray extra hard day and night to the lord if possible light a holy candle constantly day and night and offer him the right sacrifices to Almighty God the Father Son and Holy Ghost. Previously India was conquered by the British just like how America was conquered by the white settlers that wanted very much to escape very heavy income tax by Queen Victoria of England and when they came they grew more and more powerful till they became a superpower of the world. Thus many countries depended on America for main trade if not they wont have enough money to survive. At first there was only one catholic church but due to the cruelty of europeans persecuting their captors so a big debate occurs that they break up into so many other denominations like protestants, anglicans, methodist, mormons and many more. sometimes for the quest for riches, money wealth power and all these added to the worlds atrocities. A priest once commented if the rich help the poor then there’ll be peace everywhere. I option to one and all to be fair and good to everybody. Pray to the Almighty God in order to gain and get back your very own very rich country. The whole world depends largely on America for giant trade of import and export. Why don’t you people travel all over the world make a lot of friends they in turn will think of how to help you in return right?

  2. “Novel Liew” your comments are ignorant; yes, Britain illegally invaded and occupied India for some time. Guess where Christianity came from? Britain. Preying to the white-man’s god will win you no favor, it is a lie. The Muslim religion was also created by at least one white man, the Quran had at least one white author; Britain also went to Saudi Arabia long ago, to align them with the same system of fascism. It matters not anyway, as the bible, tora, and the quran are all products of the white invasion into Northern Africa. White people are not native to Egypt or Israel. They spread their secret society promoting fascism and domination using religion to do it. You cannot decry the crimes of the whites and western nations at the same time you are preying to their fake god. Ancient Egyptians were dark-skinned people like modern Africans; not white or light-skinned. India will never be free without disavowing the white-man’s lies; by disavowing the white-man’s religions of fascism.

  3. Please send your request to: thelevant2020@gmail.com

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