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World’s Biggest Casino in History and Trump Money

A note is left on the nightstand
of Angel NicGillicuddy
the night of the full moon
last night.

In collaboration with the casinos
on all the Indian reservations,
and the State of Florida …
for starters,
and maybe even The UAE.

Trade in your cash paper US dollars
and coins
for the paper money and chips
of Trump Casino One;
Trump Money with demurrage.

Any business owned, operated,
managed, worked
by a
Trump Supporter Patriot
will accept this
Trump Money with demurrage.
This includes
half the population of The USA
Trump Supporters all over the world ;
Japan, The Middle East, Australia,
South Korea even North Korea and many more even China.
This includes small and big
and even very big
corporations, businesses, entities.

Every US dollar traded in (exchanged)
will be in reserve
at The First Free-Money Bank.

The Trump Money
will be circulating FULLY
without hesitation, interruption,
interference, distortion,
fully empowered
to do its job;
to secure, accelerate, and “cheapen”
the exchange of our
goods and services
sitting on the shelf
waiting and ready
to sell.

And this total SUPPLY
will be matched by Trump himself
and the Trump Team,
Trump followers who trust him;
half the USA
and a lot of the world
with all of The Trump Money.
SUPPLY ready to sell
and waiting ‘on the shelf’
all The Trump Money
(US dollars on reserve IN FULL)

S = D
no predictions
no forecasts
no guesses.

Very soon
you will witness inflation.
But this will be no problem at all.
Trump Money with demurrage
will simply be removed from circulation, resulting in
LESS Trump Money needed,
which will be reflected as
LESS Reserve Money needed
sitting in The First Free-Money Bank.

So, sure enough
it won’t be long
before The Trump Money
free from debt,
NOT a note,
but simply
And paper at that.
Completely manageable.
None hiding.

The circulation of this Trump money
is manageable,
The Globalist Central Banks’ money.
The Trump Money
will provide for
interest free loans,
nonstop undistorted
research and development,
the army of the unemployed
will be fully ACTIVATED,
all kinds of opportunities and jobs,
none of the typical ‘short cuts to save costs‘ which big factories are often FORCED to do when regulation gets overbearing.
Plenty MORE opportunity
to bring in new immigrants
a job will be waiting.
They will be needed.
And with a job
they will be able to afford
a home,
and many NEW homes will be built.
for The Trump Casino One
will be BOOMING steadily.

And even
a Universal Basic Income
will be provided for …
to help during the transition
for all the Biden supporters
who can’t believe what is happening,
can’t understand it,
or just don’t trust Trump.

But remember this,
The Trump Money UBI
will be payed in Trump Money
The dose of this ‘medicine’
from the week before
vanishing completely
just before the new dose is received.

Even better than a vaccination.
Everything changes.
It is only NATURAL.

It is Natural,
even inevitable
that our money
also change,
I mean
be purified.
is alchemy.
It takes A LOT
of focus;
calm, clear
And experience.
Donald Trump has that.

Cheers to you Sir,
The Beast
Lucifer too now.
We have surrendered
to you
Angel NicGillicuddy

To kick all of this off,
The 2021 USA Japan
Summer Olympics
in Florida.
Thank you
Abe and Trump.
And thank God
you are both
very familiar
with declaring demurrage
on money.

* see the YouTube
Michael Ende (Momo) uber Silvio Gesell und alternative Geldsysteme
on the Bernd Senf channel

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