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World must call the spade a spade: Israel is a Nazi state

By now, it is crystal clear that the Judeo-Nazi state of Israel has committed a real holocaust in the Gaza Strip. The shocking scenes of incinerated children and women are indescribable as the odor of death is wafting out everywhere. The magnitude of death and destruction simply defies linguistic description. It is stronger than all the words in the world.

The ongoing holocaust is by no means an aberration or anomaly as far as the Zionist Jewish mindset is concerned.

Israeli officials and ordinary Jews are quite gleeful and boastful about the murder of civilians. (Up to 80% of the Palestinians massacred so far are children and other innocent civilians).

Hence, there is no escape reaching the conclusion that the genocidal aggression is an accurate expression and reflection of the Zionist-Jewish mindset, a nefarious mindset by every imagined standard, which is also unmatched in its evilness and barbarianism in the annals of human history.

For example, even the Nazis didn’t pride themselves on murdering children, women and other civilians en mass.

But as we have seen, Israeli Jews, including so-called intellectuals, rabbis and university professors, not to mention ordinary Jews, are voicing their deep satisfaction at the extermination of Palestinian civilians rather brazenly.

Mordechai Kedar, a professor at Bar Illan University, last week issued a statement calling on Judeo-Nazi soldiers to rape Palestinian women in order to deter the Palestinian resistance against Israel’s decades-old Nazi-like occupation.

The widely-circulated remarks of the two-legged animal didn’t raise eyebrows throughout Israel, which suggests that much of the Israeli Jewish society is very much suffering from the same moral callousness the German society had experienced seven decades ago.

A prominent Israeli rabbi, Dov Lior with tens of thousands of followers, urged soldiers to “not to hesitate to shoot and kill enemy civilians, including children”.

“There is no such a thing as enemy civilians in war,” the cannibalistic rabbi said.

We are not talking about isolated incidents or unrepresentative voices in the Israeli Jewish society. Some Israeli thinkers argue convincingly that people like Kedar and Lior more or less do represent the mainstream in today’s Israel.

The ongoing holocaust in Gaza carried out by the very people who have left no stone unturned in order to demonize Germans and generate sympathy for Zionism, is a definitive game-changer. From now-on the world must recognize that Zionist Jews are the Nazis of our time, period.

People around the world must challenge their respective governments and media and call the spade a spade. Surely, this is not going to be easy especially at the beginning.

After all, Zionist-Jewish circles long succeeded in colonizing the western mind through sustained mendacity and decades of brainwashing. They succeeded in changing the black into white and the big lie into a virtual “truth” glorified by millions.

Hence, westerners must start a process of liberating their mindset from the virulent Zionist stranglehold.

A final note to Muslims: Forget about “peace” with the Judeo Nazis. These murderers and child-killers are out there to murder our children and exterminate our people from the face of earth.

They are the antithesis of everything human and civilized. They are against life, against peace and against light. How can we wish for peace with a people who believe that non-Jews are animals in human shape whose lives have no sanctity? Can anyone make peace with a venomous cunning snake?


Sources – Palestine Info

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