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Why the War on Terror Isn’t Working?

By Ali Hashem for The Huffingtonpost – Why is the world still suffering from terrorism? There might be several answers, some that could be fitted in a book, or maybe books. Yet the reasons given are always the same, or to be specific, the answers aren’t convincing. No it’s not because the bad guys are strong enough to do whatever they fancy doing, nor because they have the popular backbone that keeps them alive. There is certainly a reason those taking care of this world aren’t pointing out, or maybe ignoring, or let’s cut it short — they lack the sight to see it.

In my opinion the real reason is illusion and illusionists, those who believe they are smart enough to fool the whole world without being counter-fooled.

When it comes to the regimes ruling the world and the Middle East, there’s an understanding within that they are in full control. The Americans think so, the French, the British, the Saudis, the Iranians, the Syrians, just name any country and there are loads of examples to be given. A good example is the famous story of the Texas congressman Charlie Wilson who was like a Godfather to the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan during the eighties, when they were needed to fight the Soviet Union. Years later, after defeating the Soviets, the same Mujahedeen upgraded their goals; it’s the U.S. now that they want to fight. Sheikh Osama Bin Laden and the bunch of fighters he brought up, fed, and trained, became ready to start a new war. For the first few years of Bin Laden’s new war the United States didn’t feel the heat, but when the major terrorist attack on Sep. 11, 2011 hit the American soil, it was a shock for everyone, even Al-Qaeda itself. Those whom the United States thought it was exploiting in the eighties appeared to have been thinking the same, they were also using the U.S. to achieve their goals.

The equation is simple, the big guys think they are exploiting the bad guys, hence they help them when in need, and then give them a blind eye when they aren’t imposing direct danger on national interests, here the illusion starts. Extremists are ideologues, so nobody can underestimate their plans and objectives, they master “the end justifies the means” strategy, they are Machiavellians even more than Machiavelli, so they do their best to make maximum use of the blind eye to get bigger, tougher, and proficient, and out of the blue they decide to change sides and start their struggle to lay the grounds for their ever dreamt state.

This happened in Afghanistan decades ago and was followed by Sep.11, and in Syria few years earlier and followed by the Charlie Hebdo newspaper attack in France, once again we are face to face with a “Déjà vu” moment that could have been avoided. There’s no more time for regrets and other “Déjà vu” moments, it’s time to understand that such policies, even if they gave some fruits on the short run, they’ll turn into a curse on the long run. It’s not easy to breed a snake and sleep beside it, one day you won’t wake up.

Written by The Levant

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