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Where has pennywise gone

New moon
Angel sits at the opening to the street drain
for a long time she has been sitting there.
She heard so much talk;
about IT IT IT.
She’s been coming to sit by the drain
for days now
waiting on Pennywise
to appear.
She’s not afraid.
Two reasons;
a very old Persian bottle
and a book.
She is waiting to talk to him but where is he?
He’s probably so nervous
he won’t even let the money; IT
out of his sight anymore;
The massive stash of cash paper US dollars;
his leverage device
for creating
the mysterious
market conditions
which make it so hard on families and everyone.
Every child sees what’s happening,
after a period of happy good times
for years
and then something mysterious
begins to happen.
The headlines become dark and gloomy
and fearful.
The parents and everyone
start acting very edgy and reckless and suspicious.
Some children really suffer, for years.
Sometimes it affects their whole life.
And if the child lives at home long enough,
things eventually surface from
the deep depression,
and darkness lifts,
And business and everything
cranks up again
But most kids move out on their own
before they see the big change
or cycle
complete itself.
They only know that one way or another
is what is most important.
seems to be what is behind the ups and downs, the good times and the bad.
But really IT is just the secret agent
The Invisible Enemy.

Those two white gloved hands coming
from the darkness
hold the temptation
either offering IT cheerfully,
taking it back
into the dark;
where IT disappears into the dark.
That’s when very strange and dangerous things begin to happen.

But Angel has learned the two passwords
which reveal the trick
which is being played by Pennywise
on all of us.
Even right under our noses,
in plain sight
is the magical device
which gives him the power;
hoardable cash paper money.

Angel fears not.
She has
The Two-Edged Sword
coming from The Mouth.
And The Bottle,
which, when the top is removed,
brings forth her very special friend,

Angel has a Trump hat on,
well broken in from wear,
and a bit tattered.

Pennywise was planning to return again
with the cheerful offering of money
hence the white gloved hand
closed holding balloons
symbolizing the peace sign,
which would have been the same old trick
he usually uses
which involves allowing the cash paper money
to re-appear in circulation again.
( No, it’s not newly printed money,
just as Jerome Powell says it’s not.
IT is old very old hidden paper money reappearing from The Dark Realms)
IT is hoardable money;
The kind which is easily vacuumed; sucked
back out of circulation again later,
and added back on top of the mountain stash
of cash paper money
already accumulated underground;
more and more power for
The Dark Forces.

then the marquee poster was changed,
from the closed hands holding the balloons
to the open hand holding the balloons,
which has a different meaning;
which represents “kiss my ass”
in many countries.

He has seen the writing on The Wall:
The hoardable money
which gives The Dark Forces
It’s hidden leverage power
will be melting.

The Great Flood is coming.
Hence all the water
in the trailer for chapter 3.
But this time it won’t be
the trick hoardable money again.

And yes someone
may have created their underground networks and caves
for holding and shuffling the cash paper
US dollars
under Derry,
just like they did in
The Levant Region.

But, all of a sudden
they; the disciples of The Beast,
got a big surprise;
The one that has been in
THEIR nightmares
for many many years,
ever since Silvio Gesell wrote his book;
The Natural Economic Order.
And a president that knows how money functions
who holds
The Demurrage Card;
The Trump Card.

Angel casually begins humming Christmas song; Silver Bells.
At first it starts cheerful
and playful
but then the tune turns a bit odd
with an eerie “out of tune” sound to it.

And suddenly
out of the blue
on the pavement of the gutter
where Angel is sitting
a message is scribbled out in deep red color:
You mustn’t pursue this.

Angel takes a deep breath.
She stands up slowly
and in a kind of martial art style
she thrusts her arms out in a cross like pattern and cocks her head back.
Out of her mouth
The Two-Edged Sword comes
with the sound of steel clashing.
Then The Sword returns to where it came from and she relaxes yawning and stretching.

When she looks back at the pavement the message has disappeared.

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