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Jewish settler’s violence: A Colonial Approach

The LEVANT EXCLUSIVE — By Labib Taha* — 



As Israeli settlers set fire to a dwelled house and burned Dawabsha family in Duma village, the leaders of Israel rush to repudiate and condemn that thing. The scene seems contradictory between the crimes of the settlers on the one hand, and the Israeli government on the other hand, but this paradox is not true at all.

The matter of the relationship between the Israeli Army and settlers on the one hand, and the Palestinians on the one hand outside the colonial approach leads to false results. Setting the relation in its proper context facilitate dealing with it, and understand its manifestations and dimensions.

Palestinians are subjected to offenses committed by a gang calls itself “Price Tag”; the offenses have been directed to mosques, churches and Palestinians’ properties. Killing as what takes place in a Duma village near Nablus was condemned by Israel as part of public relations campaign until the storm calm down, and then nothing will be done to rein these settlers. Israel provides those settlers an intellectual and legal cover. A lot of Israeli sectors sympathize with the settlers until another round of colonial violence.

The complicity of the colonial state with its settlers’ violence in the colonies in case of Israel does not make a precedent in history; Wolfe sees in his study entitled “Settler Colonialism and the Elimination of the Native” that there is collusion between the regular forces of the colonial state, and rabble Outlaws, where they are serving the colonial state policy to expand on indigenous lands account. Criminal activities of the mob border constitutes the primary means to expand.

Colonialism tries to eliminate the indigenous to serve its goals and ambitions, eliminating them will be only by violence. And the motive for eliminating the indigenous according to Wolfe:” the primary motive for elimination is not race (or religion, ethnicity, grade or civilization, etc.) but access to territory. As for the goal of settler colonialism from destruction it is to replace the other. Theodor Herzl says: “If I wish to substitute a new building for an old one, I must demolish before I construct”.

In his interpretation of violence and its correlation to the existing structure Harris says: “physical violence and the frame of the colonial state appear as necessary preconditions for the success of settler colonialism. The Impetus for such colonialism appears to be associated primarily with the interest of capital and settlers in the land.

Wolfe  says: The complicity between bayonet-wielding troops and the “lawless rabble’ in this account of events immediately preceding the eastern Cherokee’s catastrophic “Trail of Tears,” one of many comparable 1830s removals whereby Indians from the South East were displaced west of the Mississippi to make way for the development of the slave-plantation economy in the Deep South.

There is a precedent in French colonial history in Algeria revealed in the book edited by the French journalists  Bertrand Le Gendre and Jean-Jacques Susini, of the masterminds of the Secret Army Organization Organization (OAS) “de l’Armée Secrète”, and that newspaper ‘Libération’ published some pages, that French State, which had to hit the strongholds of (OAS) and fight it”, and it connive with it to kill a number of Algerians, whether they are involved in the National Liberation Front, or just cooperated with it.

Regarding the crimes of (OAS), which has been active in the protection of the French colonial project in Algeria, stepped up criminal act after the signing of the cease-fire, which represented by firing of several artillery shells at residential neighborhoods on March 20, 1962 claimed the lives of 24 people and 59 wounded, and blowing up a car near the port of Algiers, which killed 62 and wounded 110 of the porters. In addition to the deliberate burning of the institutions, a library of Algiers University on 7 June 1962, where the fire came to more than 600 thousand books, burning social security offices, schools and hospitals.

In less than a year, the Secret Army Organization assassinated in 2360 people and injuring 5418 others in the Algeria metropolitan area alone, and more than 1,100 were assassinated in Oran. In the span of life of this terrorist organization, which lasted 14 months, the number of terrorist operations by it has been estimated about 2367 operation killed about 3,000 people.

The responsibility of Israel about settlers and their violence

It is naive to believe that Jewish settlers are solely responsible for their crimes against the indigenous Palestinians, their state commits regular crimes towards the Palestinian People. Israel has been bringing them to Palestine and provided them with care, armament and all forms of welfare service in favor of the colonial goals of Israel .

The Israeli settlers’ crimes are more than isolated incidents; rather it includes dozens or even hundreds of attacks that have occurred over the years, and durability reveals the major powers behind it.

In a study entitled “the ‘Psrice Tag’ attacks by settlers on Palestinians in the West Bank”, Alyyan al-Hindi says there is a role sharing between the Israelis themselves about the best ways to take control of more Palestinian territory and launch various attacks on them and their villages and community’s population in order to deport them. The Israeli method relies on, assault and theft of the property of Palestinians, while the Israeli army and police protect the aggressors and looters, while the Israeli legal system claiming it could not apply Israeli law to the inhabitants in the West Bank. In a study entitled “colonial ‘price tag’ group “: Sword of the Israeli Army or Sword Against It?”Antwan Shalhat substantiate the cooperation between the two sides when he says that the body called ” Shomron Settlers Committee” founded by a settler named (Mesika) considered the central body that created the “Price Tag” group financed from the budget of “Shomron Council “with millions of Shekels from the treasury of Israel.

Mahmoud Mohareb addressed the formative of ” Price Tag” which consists of movements and bodies of Jewish political movements such as Rabbis from the national-religious Zionist and Rabbis of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups; former and current students of Jewish schools (Yeshivas) ; activists of (Kach), “National Unity” and “Jewish Home” parties; and “Hilltop Youth” group -who are youth settlers active in the establishment of outposts in the West Bank since the mid-nineties of the last century.

In the nutshell, the Israeli settlers are hidden hand of the State of Israel, and they carry out its programs and agenda to empty the Palestinian land of its inhabitants, through frightening and killing them. If Israel were sincere in its condemnation of these rabble to proceed against them in the trial, but this is not possible because it is a colonial state they are sons, tools and its policy representatives.

*Labib Taha is a Palestinian journalist based in Ramallah.

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