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An image of Viktor Schauberger: an Austrian forest caretaker, naturalist, pseudoscientist, philosopher, inventor and biomimicry experimenter.

Viktor Schauberger calling

At the spa,
continued from
the previous article PKS ANGEL V,
Warming up again after the cold plunge …

“A phone call for you Angel.”
A young man
obviously very happy to be so close
to Angel and V
brings the phone.

“So nice thank you. Hello,
this is Angel.”

On the other end of the line:
“This is Viktor. Hello Angel.
The others won’t make it to the meeting.
But here I am. Greetings.”

“I put you on speaker so that V
can also be part of our meeting.
V stop staring
and focus your attention here now please.
It is Victor on the line.”

“Hello Victor”

“ Hello V.
What shall we talk about at our meeting?”

“ Oh!
and hey …
we got this.”
Angel reaches over
to take the bottle out of her bag.
She rubs the bottle and it lights up
glowing kind of bluish.
Then she takes the top off the bottle and Voila!
“The Spirit of Silvio Gesell.”

“Very good.”

“Very good.”

Everyone is smiling and kind of glowing …

“ Let us focus on our breathing, as it is
We are only observing, not doing anything intentional to change it.
Just observing.
Thank you.”
And everyone else echoes her,
“Thank you. Now we are all connected.
What shall we talk about?”

“ I need funding.
Silvio, I know that at the end of your life
in 1930
you were still trying to convey
The Message
of The NEO (Natural Economic Order),
but also doing experiments with local farmers, later to inspire The Worgl Experience. *
What were those experiments,
how did they work? …
Did it have something to do with
The WARA Exchange Association?

“Oh yes.
Do you know the old story of
The BOOM of Swankirk? **
It happened a little earlier then Worgl.
But it never gets mentioned. Let me tell it to you. Gather round.
Expectations were for a very good harvest
in September,
much like The Plan of President Trump.
For a year we had planned for a major effort
to have the abundant super harvest of 1930.

“Super V !”

“ Then I died on March 11, 1930.
With President Trump
the corona virus had a similar challenging effect.
But the plan was already in place,
and the crops WERE plentiful.
is when The WARA Association
made its move;
to sell the product of all the hard work
using the special demurrage money.
And not just agricultural production
but also production from the industrial sector;
all what was needed for a comfortable lifestyle.
President Trump holds this same card in his hand;
declaring demurrage on The US dollar,
to make sure that the money is made available
and stays available
so that our hard earned success
is never held back again.”

“ I am so hot.
I go take another cold plunge.”
And V goes bouncing off.

“The experiment was very successful,
and made National and even International News.
I will make a digital recording of this story ***
for you and V and all your friends.”

“Thank you friend.”

“Thank you Silvio Gesell.”

And Angel places the top back on the bottle.

* Worgl Austria where another successful experiment was made using unhoardable money with demurrage.

** Bavaria

*** on YouTube Russell Morris,
The BOOM of Swankirk –> PART I

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