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Video platform Welcome to the World celebrates the first anniversary with global partners

Dubai-based video platform Welcome to the World celebrates this month its first anniversary. It looks back on a dynamic and turbulent year with new license holders boarded from the United Arab Emirates to Greece and Mexico.

By Arthur Blok
With a straightforward concept Welcome to the World is taking over the travel world. The key to its success is that travellers book directly with the business, and unlock free local and venue-related welcoming benefits.

In the new concept, foreign-owned expensive commission-based travel platforms are seriously challenged: the money lands now where it’s earned. With a myriad of sustainable advantages for both the traveller and the merchant.

“The first year after the launch of our platform has been like a rollercoaster ride, with a focus on two pilot markets: the UAE and the Netherlands”, said Stefanie Schachtschabel founder and CEO who is temporarily based in the Netherlands to help the new Dutch platform achieve their goals.

“We booked many promising results in such a short time. We on-boarded a group of enthusiastic new partners all over the world and top brands such as the Mariott, Hilton, and the Ritz-Carlton. Not to mention all the leading restaurant groups on our on-boarded destinations. I am proud of that”, said Schachtschabel.

Welcome to Greece
After the launch of Welcome to the UAE and Welcome to the Netherlands, various entrepreneurs and investors showed their interest in the new concept. As a result various preparations to launch new entities are ongoing. The first example is Welcome to Greece.

“Greece as a destination has so much to offer year-round and needs a fair channel that can shine a light on all the magnificent attractions, destinations and places to stay that this country has to offer. Welcome to the World ticks all of these boxes and much more”, said Manes Pangales one of two new Greek license holders.

Pangales emphasized that he likes the destination video’s on the platform. “This is the future - and the present - of how people will make decisions regarding a trip”, he added. “We are also happy with the fact that Welcome to the World  gives suppliers a more equitable distribution solution where we keep more earnings in the country.”

Welcome to Mexico
On the other side of the world preparations for Welcome to Mexico are in full progress explained Pancho Buitenhuis. Mexico is a country where he lived and worked for over ten years, and where he found two local partners to set up the new entity.

One of Quintana Roo's finest beaches (The Levant News archive).

“We just finished the initial market study’s in various Mexican states. The results are promising, we decided to start in Quintana Roo one of Mexico’s 32 states. We expect to turn this into a success and then we further focus on other areas”, said Buitenhuis.

Welcome to Mexico is currently in the process of hiring its first staffers and hopes to go live on the first of January. Buitenhuis “After the launch in Quintana Roo Mexico City will most probably be our second local destination. It is all very exciting indeed.”

Welcome to Greece is currently in the last phase of setting up an entity before signing up officially, which will hopefully be finalized in the first quarter of 2022. Preparations are well underway for similar agreements with partners in France, Italy, and Qatar.

Written by The Levant

3 comments on “Video platform Welcome to the World celebrates the first anniversary with global partners”

  1. Congratulations ????‼️ I am curious & interested in learning how a country gets onboard. I live in Kenya, it would be great to partner. Let's connect. Tx

    1. Dear Florence Maina, I will connect you to the right people of Welcome to the World tomorrow morning.
      Thank you for your kind note indeed.