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Uzbekistan: attention is paid to the tourism industry

Uzbekistan, long unknown to most Westerners, is already shaping the travel scene for 2020.

This culturally rich and historically compelling country, along with the rest of central Asia, has been named the No. 1 travel region for the new year by travel website Lonely Planet due to its easy access and new visa-free travel ability. The Economist highlighted the country as well, naming it the most improved nation in 2019 due to significant government reforms that have accelerated over the past year.

All of that, plus its untouched history and remarkable food, are making Uzbekistan an increasingly popular destination.

The Government of Uzbekistan has adopted a decision on supporting tour operators and travel agencies during the current conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

A relevant document has approved a regulation on the temporary procedure for providing subsidies to cover part of the costs of tour operators and travel agencies.

It is noted that the subsidy will be allocated from the date when inbound tourism is fully restored and will be provided until the total number of tourists coming to Uzbekistan exceeds 500,000.

The Tourism Committee will hold a record of foreign tourists coming to the Republic and publish it on its official website.

The subsidy in the amount of $15 will be provided to tour operators and travel agencies for each foreign tourist arriving in Uzbekistan (the only condition is that they should stay in the country for at least five days).

The subsidy is allocated in the national currency at the rate set by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan on the day of payment.

To receive subsidies, a tour operator or a travel agency should apply to the Tourism Committee in writing or electronically with an application for funding.


By Sher Karimov

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