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US Urges Ukraine To Impose Sanctions Against Russia

The Levant Exclusive – By Julia Lugovska – Kiev – Ukraine

US, one of the main Ukrainian supporters and allies since the Euromaidan protests and the beginning of Russian intervention in the Ukrainian territory, are surprised over Ukrainian stance on the relations with Russia and consider it being really strange that Ukrainian government still didn’t take a decision to impose sanctions against Russian Federation, while EU, US, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries did it.
This position was expressed recently by US Ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt during his interview for Focus.
“It is crucially important that the decisions of Ukrainian government in the sphere of economic and trade didn’t affect negatively that influence and impact that EU and US sanctions against Russia could have. The current situation, when Ukrainian companies continue to cooperate with Russia and to receive commercial benefits from it, while the Western companies supporting Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity experience losses, is wrong,” Mr. Pyatt said in an interview.
US Ambassador urged Ukrainian government to join its Western partners and to impose sanctions against Russian regime. He also stressed that the lists of the companies, businesses and private persons, against whom Ukraine imposes sanctions, have to be revealed.
“It would be much better to publish the list of persons, companies and sanctions to be imposed in the state and governmental media. In this case everybody would be able to see what kind of rules work there. Consequently it would be easier to avoid any suspicion regarding the possibility of some secret and backdoor agreements between Russian and Ukrainian governments,” Mr. Pyatt said.

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