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Silvio Gessel on the two dollar bill (National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution)

The US postal service and Silvio Gesell

Angel NicGillicuddy rubs the magic bottle.
Blue lava pours out when she removes the top. The blue lava overflows,
building up upon itself
till standing erect.
Angel bows.

“I worked at the post office myself when I was much younger. And I learned many things from that experience.“
Looking once again
Angel sees her old friend Silvio Gesell speaking.

“When the technology of the USPS is upgraded
it won’t just allow for the processing
of mail-in ballots.
The new technology will also enable The USPS
to stamp US paper dollars
and collect the holding charges;
on money.

“The predicament now,
in your time,
is very similar to my own experience
while I was finance minister for Bavaria in 1919.
There was even a virus pandemic. *

“ My plan was to use The Post Offices **
for stamping
to show that demurrage charges
have been collected on held money.
(To Secretary Treasure Steven Mnuchin)
This is not a banking activity at all.

“ In fact
not so many of the held money cash paper
US dollars
will be brought to The Post Office for stamping. On the contrary
most by far
will simply be deposited in a bank.

“From that time when all the paper money
must come forward for the first stamp,
till the end of one year when every dollar still being held is full on the back
with 12 stamps, one for each month,
we will see the Human Slave Trafficking Business
go bankrupt
and The Dark Forces become very weak.
It will be up to the people
to only accept money stamped
to show that demurrage charges have been
fully paid
for each month.

“Many people may want
to accept the money anyway
and pay for the demurrage stamp(s) themselves
and that is fine.
If I receive a dollar on January 1st
and I hold it till March
then I will have to pay for three stamps
in order for the money to be valid at full value.
If I hold it till the end of the year
then I will have to pay for 12 stamps,
whereby in the next step
the money will be either used for spending
or else deposited
or else exchanged
at the bank
for a new dollar ($5,10,20)
with a fresh January stamp on it.
These new dollars should have President Trump’s picture on them.

“ The money will start moving.
(including all of the money in the swamp)
It will also start moving faster.
These two actions will easily result in an
over abundance of money entering circulation,
even plenty enough
being available for paying
The Basic Income with demurrage
a new payment being received each week
just as the previous payment completely decays or melts,
all done on a plastic card,
to keep the spread of viruses down.”

Angel, being with her breathing,
quietly listening all along
bows again,
and then kneels.

“The Spell is lifting.”
Both saying this at the same time.

* Source: The Defense Speech by Silvio Gesell YouTube channel “spiritoftruth123” thank you Robert Wade.
** Keep in mind that post offices are everywhere in the world and that this same plan is very easy to duplicate in any country.

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