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US journalist beheaded by ISIL

THE LEVANT  – Journalist James Foley was believed to have been arrested by militias loyal to the Syrian Government in late 2012; however, video footage from the Islamic State media confirmed he was not in the Syrian Air Force Intelligence’s custody. A gruesome video posted by the Islamic State shows Foley and another American, Steven Sotloff, in a deserted area, where they are videotaped sending a message to America. Foley was later beheaded by the Islamic State on video, as the the culprits issued this as a warning to the U.S. Government if they do not cease their airstrikes in Iraq. Sotloff was not killed, but the Islamic State member in the video did comment that Sotloff’s life was based on the U.S. next decision.

The White House has not commented on the news of these two Americans. Sotloff’s whereabouts are still unknown. The U.S. began airstrikes in Iraq two weeks ago and since then, has increased the amount of bombardments.

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