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Saudi Aramco facilities were attacked by drones famously on 14 September 2019

US at forefront of condemners of Hotuhis attacks on Saudi

The US led on Sunday the global condemnation of a recent escalation in Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia.

The Houthi militia launched three ballistic missiles toward the Kingdom on Saturday, two targeting the southwestern cities of Najran and Jazan. A third missile was launched at Dammam in the Eastern Province. All were intercepted.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemned the attack, calling it “completely unacceptable” and saying “these attacks threaten the lives of the Kingdom’s residents, including more than 70,000 US citizens.”

He again urged the Houthis to agree to a comprehensive cease-fire immediately and to stop these cross-border attacks and attacks inside of Yemen, particularly their offensive on Marib, which is exacerbating the humanitarian crisis and prolonging the conflict.  

“The Houthis must begin working toward a peaceful, diplomatic solution under UN auspices to end this conflict,” Blinken added.

The US embassy in Riyadh also said it “categorically condemns the recent Houthi missile attack on the Eastern region of the Kingdom,” and said “attacking civilians is illegal and totally unacceptable.”

“Such attacks do not serve any legitimate military objectives, but rather prolong the conflict in Yemen,” a statement said. 

The US urged the Houthis to “immediately stop these senseless attacks and start working toward a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the conflict.”

“The United States remains committed to its long-term strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia, as well as its commitment to helping the Kingdom defend its people and territory,” the statement added. 

Falling debris from the missile that was shot down in the Eastern Province injured a boy and a girl in Dammam.
There was also light damage to 14 residential properties, coalition spokesman Brig. Gen. Turki Al-Maliki said.

The militia also launched several booby-trapped drones toward the Kingdom on Friday and Saturday.

The UK condemned the Houthi attacks and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said: “This is reckless behavior by the Houthis, facilitated by Iran, which threatens innocent civilians and hinders efforts toward regional stability.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation also condemned the attacks and praised the Kingdom’s air defense forces for intercepting them.

The Muslim World League said the attacks were “a dangerous barbaric escalation that constitutes a war crime.”
The league expressed its support for measures taken by the Kingdom to protect its security and ensure the safety of civilians.

The Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization (ARCO) said that the repeated attacks on civilian facilities in the Kingdom and endangering civilians is a matter of concern, and it includes persistence, perseverance and defiance of the international community, and a disregard for international laws and norms.

“What civilian facilities in the Kingdom are exposed to and the violations of the principles of international humanitarian law, is at the same time a threat to global security, especially since a number of these drones are directed to areas that supply the world with oil, which is the backbone of everyday life,” said ARCO Secretary-General Dr. Saleh bin Hamad Al-Tuwaijri.

He added that the international community must fully assume its responsibilities, and move from denouncing and condemning to taking strict practical measures to stop these attacks, especially since the United Nations, the Security Council and other intergovernmental institutions possess the deterrent tools for these successive violations of civil and economic facilities in the Kingdom.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) condemned the attacks targeting the Eastern Province, Jazan and Najran, calling them a “flagrant violation of international norms and laws.”

Secretary-General Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf reiterated the GCC states’ solidarity with Saudi Arabia against everything that targets its security, stability and territorial integrity, while also calling on the international community to take immediate and decisive measures.

”The UAE also strongly condemned the attacks and reiterated in a statement that “these systematic terror attacks by the Houthis reflect their blatant disregard for the international community and all international laws and norms.”

The country’s foreign ministry urged the international community to “take an immediate and decisive stance to stop these recurrent acts, which target critical infrastructure and threaten the security and stability of the Kingdom.”
It added that “the security of the UAE and that of Saudi Arabia are indivisible and any threat facing the Kingdom is considered a threat to the security and stability of the UAE.”

Kuwait also condemned the Houthi attacks in the “strongest terms” and said “the continuation and escalation of these hostile actions against the security of Saudi Arabia and regional stability are blatant violations of international law.”
The foreign ministry called for “swift and firm actions from the international community to stop these threats and hold perpetrators accountable.”

Qatar denounced the attacks and reiterated its firm position rejecting violence, criminal acts and acts of sabotage regardless of the motives.

Egypt strongly condemned the attacks and expressed “its support for the measures taken by Saudi Arabia to preserve its security, stability and territorial integrity in the face of these terrorist attacks, which represent a serious threat to security and stability in the region.”

Bahrain issued a similar statement and Jordan said “these terrorist acts and the targeting of innocent civilians, is contrary to all religious and humanitarian values, and aims to destabilize security and stability.”

Source: Arab News

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