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Urgent appeal for blood donations in Abu Dhabi

The treatment of a Pakistani eye surgeon based in Abu Dhabi requires urgent blood donations, and residents are being urged to donate AB- blood to the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank.

Dr Omar Durrani, a 50-year-old physician who works at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Eye Institute, was diagnosed with leukaemia late in December, and the disease is affecting his clotting function, Dr Javed Raza, a close friend, told Gulf News.

“[Dr Durrani] is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and we need the blood units to facilitate his treatment. Since he has a fairly uncommon blood group, the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank did not have enough reserves,” said Dr Raza, who himself is a bariatric surgeon at the hospital.

“We need blood units tomorrow, and over the next few days too, and it would be great if we would collect as much as possible,” he added.

The urgent need for blood was also shared widely through Facebook community group, Abu Dhabi Q&A, and by its more than 45,000 members. The announcement was made past 11pm, and Dr Raza said they had already received one donor.

“We need more units for transfusion though, and I hope more people will come forward,” Dr Raza said.

Although many treatments for individuals with AB- negative blood can be conducted with donations of A-, B- or O- blood groups as well, Dr Raza said that AB- blood is specifically required in this case as other blood groups will limit treatment options.

Dr Durrani moved to the UAE about three years ago with his family and children. According to the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi webpage, he is a staff physician and surgeon for ocuplastics at the Abu Dhabi Government-owned hospital’s Eye Institute. He has 19 years of experience, and is also a clinical professor of ophthalmology at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio.

The doctor has pioneered several minimally invasive scar-free surgical techniques for brow lifting, lacrimal and orbital diseases, and successfully performed more than 6,000 ocuplastic and cosmetic procedures.

He is currently being treated at Abu Dhabi public hospital, Shaikh Khalifa Medical City.

Source: Gulf News

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