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Uncle Tom Exposes: the Money Changers

Inside Uncle Tom’s cabin
late one night
nearing the end of the Summer and
The Harvest season.
It is very quiet,
a candle on the table has the calm focus
and attention of everyone in the room;
Tom‘s wife Chloe, Tom, his boss,
little Jimmy Crowe and his mother
and George his father.

“ I seen something today Boss.” says Tom,
in a reverent but very clear manner.
“I got witness of a secret
which gave me such clearer insight
into our problems, all of our problems
and frustrations
on this here Plantation,
which has been for many years the success and pride of what we can accomplish together,
I am very much grateful.
Much love has been our blessing,
thank you sir,
having taken care of the bodily needs in such an efficient and secure manner.

as we all have noticed in many subtle
but disheartening ways
a general slow down has crept
NOT into our abilities to do the work,
but into …”

Tom looks at his boss.
They meet eye to eye,
very deeply.

“Tell them what we seen Uncle.”
Little Jimmy says,  politely
and with a look in his eye that says
‘we got them now’.”

Tom continues,
at the big church in town Sir, … Boss,
there was Money Changers.
And with Jesus as my witness
I seen what they was doin’.

“They was Slave Traders there
at the table.
They was exchanging their
Southern money
for another kind of money
which come from the North.
Large amounts of money was exchanged. But not one for one.
Them Money Changers
kept a goodly amount
of the Southern Money for themselves, 
or whoever it was they worked for.”

The room was silent.

“And then what did we see Uncle?”
Little Jimmy speaking once again
from the shadows
looking square right at Tom,
who’s face was glowing
from the soft light of the candle.

“Little Jimmy and I
followed them Slave Traders.
They put some of this new money
in one pocket
and some of it they put in their own purse. Then they went straight off to the market and bought goods and supplies and food with that money
which came straight from the pocket,
and which was not theirs to keep.
These things they bought
were immediately loaded up
onto the boats and trains going North.

“Me and little Jim talked about this,
and a message from the Lord
settled into our understanding.

“Our money was disappearing
from down South here
and it was being replaced
with Northern money. 
But not too much of it.
Not enough to even up things.

“Southern money
was being removed from our circulation
and the money replacing it;
the Northern money,
was of less amount,
much of that owed … “

Tom put his hands together
in a praying fashion,
and looked across the light of the candle
to his boss.

The boss breathed out a sigh of
“I’ll see to this Tom.
Thank you.”

And right away
Tom’s boss gets a meeting together
of several of his very influential
Planter friends,
for discussing
a ‘drawing of the line’ *
on this money laundering
and short changing

* The Mason Dixon Line,
where tariff must be paid by The North
on all goods coming from The South.
Winter was fast approaching up North.

In a corner of the room of Uncle Tom’s cabin there was a presence.
Little Jimmy Crow noticed it.
It was Angel NicGillicuddy.
She whispers,
in Aramaic,

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