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UN Economic and Social Council Youth Forum praises UAE

The UAE Parliamentary Division has highlighted the country’s efforts in the field of empowering youth, during its participation in the UN Economic and Social Council Youth Forum, which concluded yesterday in New York.

During a roundtable session, titled, “Youth 2030: Working with Youth,” Saeed Saleh Al Rumaithi, Federal National Council, FNC, Member, and representative of the division, highlighted the efforts of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, IPU, to empower young parliamentarians.

“I am pleased to participate with you as the former president of the Forum of Young Parliamentarians of the IPU, and my presence as a representative of young parliamentarians around the world confirms the importance of the role of the youth in the decision-making process on local and international levels,” he said.

“The youth, under 30, make up over half of the world’s population. However, only 2.2 percent of parliamentarians are under the age of 30, as per an IPU report in 2018. In order for the decision-making process to be responsive, comprehensive and participatory, all segments of the community must be represented, including the youth,” he added.

Al Rumaithi explained that the IPU’s youth movement began in 2009 and was joined by 160 parliaments, and a proposal to create a global framework for increasing youth participation in IPU parliaments was adopted by the union’s members in 2010.

The forum was then established, gathering young parliamentarians from around the world and meeting twice annually. The forum encourages parliaments, governments and political parties to undertake legal and political procedures, which aim to promote youth participation.

In conclusion, Al Rumaithi highlighted the need to provide a suitable environment that will achieve youth empowerment, as well as the importance of exchanging expertise and working with partners in the region.

Source: WAM

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