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Scenes of destruction from Yemen's civil war

UAE, Saudis donate $70m for Yemen teachers

Saudi Arabia and the UAE, who are leading an Arab alliance fighting Iran-allied Al Houthi militants in Yemen, will donate $70 million (Dh256.9 million) to pay the war-devastated country’s teachers in cooperation with the Unicef, a Saudi official has said.
“The alliance led by Saudi Arabia is following with concern the brotherly Yemeni people’s suffering of deteriorating economic and living conditions due to failure to pay monthly salaries to some categories in the country, mainly the teaching staff,” Abdullah Al Rabeeh, the general supervisor of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre, added, according to the official Saudi news agency.

He said the donation will help pay the salaries of 135,000 teaching staffers in Yemen.
“This comes as part of the continuing support offered by the coalition countries to end the humanitarian and economic sufferings of the Yemeni people with this support exceeding $17 billion until now,” the official said.
In recent months, angry Yemenis have taken to the streets in several areas of the country, protesting the plunge in the local currency and price hikes of basic items.

Last week, Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi appointed Maeen Abdul Malek as a new prime minister, replacing Ahmad Bin Daghr whom the Yemeni leader accused of failing to handle the country’s economic deterioration.
Hadi, who is staying in Saudi Arabia, urged on Tuesday the government to focus on improving the Yemenis’ living conditions mainly those related to health care, education, electricity, water and roads, the state news agency Saba reported.
The presidential directive came at a meeting between Hadi and Abdul Malek in the Saudi capital Riyadh.
Hadi also stressed the importance of team work and coherence in order to “rout forces of rebellion and coup” in Yemen, Saba reported.
Al Houthis have plunged Yemen in a devastating war since they deposed the internationally recognised government and seized parts of the country, including the capital Sana’a, in late 2014.
In recent weeks, government forces, supported by the Arab coalition’s air power, have made territorial gains against Al Houthis.

Source: Gulf News

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