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UAE nomination for IMO executive membership discussed

Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, UAE’s Minister of Infrastructure Development and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime (FTA) has discussed with directors of ports methods of rallying support for the UAE’s nomination for membership of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)’s Executive Council under Category B.

The meeting was convened as part of efforts to explore the future of the maritime industry and increase its competitiveness globally, according to UAE News Agency (WAM).

Al Nuaimi said the UAE has 20 of the world’s leading ports and some of them are among the top 10 ports in terms of advanced infrastructure in the field of transport and shipping. It also operates and manages 77 ports outside the UAE.

”It is important to explore the future opportunities and challenges of the maritime sector and harness innovation to implement plans that serve sustainable development of the sector so it can become a major contributor to the economic development and policy of diversification of resources of national income in preparation for the post-oil era,” he stated.

The maritime sector accounts for 5 percent of the domestic economy totally valued of AED200 billion. Its contribution is projected to go up to 25 percent with investment in port infrastructure development and expansion projects expected to be at AED157 billion.

The UAE has been a member of the organisation since 1981 and derived the elements of enhancing international maritime co-operation from its rich heritage. It is one of the most important international maritime trade centres in the Gulf and the world, and one of the most economically and commercially developed countries in the Middle East.

The UAE is the only Arab country to be nominated for membership to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and is competing with 13 leading countries in the field of maritime international trade for a Category B seat, led by Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, France and Australia, WAM reported.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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