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UAE health ministry supporting pharma industry through patents

The Ministry of Health and Prevention is cooperating with pharmaceutical companies to support patent programmes and registration of patents at the Ministry of Economy, according to a senior official at the Ministry.

Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Under-Secretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing Sector at the Ministry of Health and Prevention, stated that the Ministry organised several workshops and meetings last week, which included representatives from the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the Ministry of Economy, local economic bodies, and international drug manufacturing companies, in addition to an expert from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The meetings included discussions on the topic of drug patents and ways to support the efforts of pharmaceutical companies in registering their patents at the Ministry of Economy.

Al Amiri stated that the UAE provides all types of support and facilities to help with registering drug patents, urging all companies concerned to work on patenting their innovative products in the UAE in accordance with the Federal Law No. (31) of 2006, as it preserves their rights to their products.

He pointed out that the process of supporting companies and helping them to register patents for their products falls within the framework of the Ministry’s strategy to help companies maintain their achievements and innovations in the field of pharmaceutical drugs.

He clarified that registering patents for pharmaceutical products is considered an indication of the development of the healthcare sector, due to the fact that patents guarantee the rights for all parties and promotes a spirit of fair competition between companies.

Source: WAM

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