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UAE and Greenland cooperation on tax evasion

The United Arab Emirates and Greenland have signed an agreement on the exchange of information on tax matters to combat tax evasion.

The agreement will promote economic cooperation, overcome obstacles, and increase gains and facilitations of capital flows between the two countries for the benefit of their citizens.

The agreement was signed by Fatima Khamis Salem Khalfan Almazrouei, UAE Ambassador to Denmark, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, and Lida Lennert, Representative of Greenland in Copenhagen, at the representative office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The move is an effective translation of the UAE’s belief in the pivotal role of such agreements in achieving the principles of transparency, justice, and protection of the national economy. It is an example of the UAE’s active membership in the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes.

Source: WAM

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