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UAE Government Communication Office in the US

The UAE Government Communication Office, GCO, at the General Secretariat of the Cabinet has organised a visit to a number of government and international institutions in the United States of America, as part of the Office’s plan to build qualified national personnel and develop the federal government’s communication system on an ongoing basis.

Thirty experts from the federal and local authorities took part in the visit which was organised with the aim of reviewing the latest trends and best practices in the field of strategic planning for government, social and media communication.

Khadija Hussain Abdullah, Executive Director of the Government Communication Office, said that the visit sought to examine the best practices in the field of government communications and keeping pace with modern trends.

The programme included visits to a number of US government agencies, including the Department of Defence and the Department of State, as well as the UAE Embassy in Washington, where participants met with a number of leaders and decision makers to review the work of these institutions and their impact on society and public opinion.

Source: WAM

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