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UAE enjoys 18% growth in online job creation

The UAE registered an impressive 18 percent growth in online job postings compared to the same period last year, representing the highest growth in the region, According to the latest Monster Employment Index,MEI.

In a clear sign that the UAE Government’s Education 2020 strategy is beginning to bear fruit, growth in online recruitment across the UAE was led by the ‘Education’ sector, which saw an increase of 19 percent from Q2 2018. The UAE allocated USD 2.8 billion to education in 2018, representing 20 percent of the federal budget.

Other industries in the UAE to register growth in the Q2 MEI were ‘Production’ (including Manufacturing, Automotive and Ancillary) at 12 percent, along with ‘Oil and Gas’, and ‘IT and Telecom/ISP’ at eight percent growth each. ‘Engineering, Construction and Real Estate’ registered the largest decline at negative 19 percent from Q2 2018. From the occupations monitored in the MEI, ‘Marketing and Communications’ (including Arts and Creative) saw the highest growth at 15 percent, followed by ‘Hospitality and Travel’, and ‘Finance and Accounting’ at seven percent each.

The UAE led the way for regional growth among the countries monitored by the MEI, followed by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at 13 percent and Kuwait at 10 percent. Oman was the only nation to show a slight regression in online hiring, with a four percent decline from Q2 2018.

In terms of sectoral growth across the region, the ‘IT and Telecom’ industry saw the highest level of growth, up 18 percent from the same period last year, followed by ‘Retail, Trade and Logistics’ at seven percent. Roles in ‘Finance and Accounting’ led occupational growth in the region with an astonishing 44 percent increase from Q2 2018, followed by ‘Customer Service’ at 30 percent.

Source: WAM

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