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UAE adds Iranians to list of terror supporters

The UAE Cabinet on Thursday added nine Iranian individuals and entities to the approved list of terrorism supporters.
The move, which was taken according to the Cabinet decision No.24 of 2018, comes in line with the UAE’s keenness to target and disrupt networks associated with terrorist financing and activities.
Individuals and entities have been added to the list for their involvement in the purchase and transfer of millions of dollars to the Quds Force, a special forces unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and its agents to finance destabilizing activities in the region by concealing the reason for the funding.
Iranian entities and individuals were included in the list as a result of close cooperation between the UAE and the US, which also included the same individuals and entities on its list.
Steven Mnuchin, US Treasury Secretary Stephen, hailed the UAE’s efforts and its close cooperation in this regard, stressing that all countries should be aware of Iran’s efforts to exploit the financial institutions of other countries to exchange currencies and finance the terrorist organizations of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Source: Gulf News

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