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Trump, Pope Francis and some Good News

Journal Entry July 29, 2021
“Great Rest in Great Hope.” Silvio Gesell

It is a beautiful summer day.
There is a light breeze in the air.
The Air Magic *
is stirring up some movement
and giving more life
to this important Mission
to declare demurrage on the US dollar.
* Conversation

Today I hand-delivered,
(it is the surest method for me these days)
a package envelope containing
the books of Shibboleth
and several sample
Levant News Articles
to Samaritan’s Purse
attn: Franklin Graham.
The security officer (nice person)
was very helpful
and told me that he would make sure
my delivery got to
The President’s Office.

The information contained
in this package envelope
is a sample of the detailed
Plan of Action
for using unhoardable money
with demurrage (holding charges)
as the Distribution Mechanism,
which has a lot to do with the business
of Samaritans Purse,

It will save them lots of money
and refine their operations
runs more precisely
and much more effectively
without the risk of money nor goods
being lost to The Dark Forces.
when we use unhoardable money
with demurrage
no matter how hard The Forces of Evil try
only good
will come of it.

The effects of USURY
will be in fact REVERSED,
purifying our actions more and more
and we will SEE, and learn
through our own actions
(and talk; He that hath ears to hear,
let him hear).
Our minds will become cleansed,
The Illusion will fade
and then
The Heart
will lead The Way.

Our true Human Potential
will no longer be held back
and the whole WORK
of Preparing The Kingdom
here, on Earth
will finally be DONE,
for God to Come.

Also, I have passed this Message along to
The Council for Inclusive Capitalism
and also to
Pope Francis
and also to
Donald Trump.

Angel NicGillicuddy
On this day was born my Great Brother.
He has done so much
to make this story possible.
I have great hope
that one day he (and everyone)
will be blessed by
The Great Flood
of cash paper money
from The Dark Realms,
for I am sure
that only good will come of it.

Happy Birthday Douglas,


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