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US President Donald Trump gives a thumbs up during a “Keep America Great” campaign rally at Wildwoods Convention Center in Wildwood, New Jersey, January 28, 2020. Photo courtesy of Saul Loeb (AFP)

TRUMP is NOT WORRIED about the trial at all

Watch as Trump’s attorneys
and Trump himself
call Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen
to the stand
and ask THEM
some questions …
and just like in a game of chess,
check them
into an ongoing,
even educational
Socratic debate
which explains the hoardable Money system and exposes
the whole central bank scheme
and all the dirty deeds which
hoardable money is behind.
But not there will they stop. Nope.
They will leave the whole room
very quickly;
And THEN …
The Next Step;
The Real Cure
for all of it;
declaring demurrage on the US dollar.

And the legislation will follow.
Who can even debate this?
Anybody which understands it
will not even bother,
it is so obvious …
when the secret to the TRICK is revealed;
Secret Leverage Device
for manipulating EVERYTHING
on EARTH …
and even beyond,
unless it is defeated.

There is only one way to defeat this
Invisible Enemy,
and that is with
The Two Edged Sword
coming from The Mouth,
One edge of which
is the first part,
to declare demurrage on the US dollar,
so as to make The Beast
subservient to us,
the workers.
In this way
you will witness
The Great Flood
of money US paper dollars
enter into circulation.
It will cure the body economic,
which will be reflected
in the environment
very quickly.
It will also allow us,
God‘s creation in His own image
to NEVER again
be cut short
of our true Human potential.

The room is completely silent.
I plead my case thus your honor,
that it is not myself
nor anyone else using the hoardable money
which is guilty.
It is the hidden paper US dollar which is the CAUSE
of all the dirty deeds.
And Trump and his attorneys
sit and relax,
and listening closely
fully alert
ready for questions.
And ready to present more questions
to Jerome and Janet.

Trump is not afraid,
in fact he is looking forward to this trial.
He has been thinking about it for months,
for years

The Prosecution
will crumble and fade
and maybe even fall
to their knees.
And unlike in the times of
and Muhammad
mainstream media will not fool the people
Because channels like
Golden State Times
will be there
showing the whole thing,
all of the trial
to everyone
with no commentary
just a live camera.
And it WILL get channeled,
even if it takes a new medium
like NatCom
working with
National World plc.
to provide it.
* see the article entitled
Big Ship on The Horizon
on this same site,
which will be covering the whole story
just as it has
from the beginning.

What is on trial here
is Money,
more specifically
The hoardable paper US dollar.
This is NOT to imply
that the US
is THE guilty one.
We are ALL guilty who use
the hoardable form
of money.
That includes Bitcoin
and all the alternative currencies
which are associated with it.
See the article entitled
New Crypto Currency BitGesell
(as in Silvio Gesell)

Hoardable Money feeds
USURY, The Beast
which hides inside
EVERY single one of us.
It is derived from Ego,
our NATURAL impulse
to protect and defend
the self;
your body, The Temple of God.
Whether or not that self is distorted
is another

Money feeds USURY
when it is hoardable.
* see the article entitled USURY
What follows
are The Seven Deadly Sins:
And never mind the seven heavenly virtues. They were just invented
by the Catholic Church
so as to avoid the spotlight
hitting on money.

So what happens when demurrage
is declared
on the US dollar?
The effects of USURY
and again,
til everything is purified
Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise
surrounds you.

It is a personal choice.
Unless the money (The US dollar)
bears the sign of the stamp
(the demurrage stamp,
coming soon)
do NOT accept it.
* see the article entitled
More about Unhoardable Money
on this same site
Angel NicGillicuddy

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One comment

  1. Angel NicGillicuddy

    And bring on
    The Lincoln Project too.
    This case is about much more
    than a group of paid vikings *
    causing trouble.
    That is such an older tactic.

    We are here at a much higher level.
    We are here to
    of The Globalist Central Banks
    and their
    Monster Paper Money Leverage Device
    which is manipulating
    on Earth
    and even beyond.

    We will win
    by declaring demurrage on The US dollar.
    Watch for
    Trump World Casino Florida
    in partnership with
    Japan (Abe)

    The other News Networks
    are way behind
    in the dust and the smoke.

    Angel NicGillicuddy ???

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