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Trump aide Gorka drew Libya partition plan on napkin

A top security adviser in the Trump administration reportedly pushed for the territorial division of Libya earlier this year, drawing a partition plan on the back of a napkin while meeting a senior European official.

Sebastian Gorka suggested partitioning the country weeks before Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, The Guardian reported.

The European diplomat he was meeting with said the plan would be the “worst solution” for the country.

According to The Guardian, the map Gorka drew was based on the former Ottoman provinces of Cyrenaica in the east, Tripolitania in the north-west and Fezzan in the south-west.

It is unclear why he chose this particular blueprint.

Gorka, who has come under pressure for past ties with Hungarian far-right and neo-Nazi groups, is apparently vying for the position of special envoy to Libya, although no such post as yet exists.

The US official’s crude tripartite division of Libya was swiftly criticised by experts on the conflict.

“This is like a litmus test of how much you know about Libya,” Mattia Toaldo, Libya expert at the European Council on Foreign Relations think tank, told The Guardian.

“If you the only thing you know is that it was cut into three, then it shows you are clueless about the situation in Libya.”

Gorka is a controversial figure in the Trump administration. Aside from past links to far-right groups, the senior aide was charged with smuggling a gun onto a plane last year.

Libya has been mired by in-fighting since the 2011 revolution that overthrew dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

The country was split between two competing governments, while myriad rival militias also looked at carving up influence in the country.


Source: The Guardian, The New Arab

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