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Traveling for peace, a Yemeni turns globe trotter


Al Hayat newspaper published a news report earlier this week in which it explains that a Yemeni national, Ahmed Al Qassemi, will endeavour to travel through Australia, South America and Europe on his camel to promote peace.

Al Qassemi has said that by walking through towns and villages across continents he hopes to promote a universal understanding of peace and tolerance, building a bridge in between communities and combat bias and prejudices.

But Al Qassemi will not be along on his journey. A veritable army of photographers and reporters will document his travels and records his interactions with local communities in order to promote his work and ensure that he is successful in reaching out to as many people as possible.

Al Qassemi’s world adventure is scheduled to kick off this October in Australia. As for South America and Europe, all curious onlookers will have to wait respectively until 2016 and 2017.

But why a camel? Well, Al Qassemi told Al Hayat that as he believes the camel “opens a clean slate in the book of dreamers’ of peace and love for all humanity”.

This modern day caravan traveller wants to bring the world a taste of ancient time, when people of different race, colours, backgrounds and culture travelled the world by caravan, looking for riches or adventures.

Al Qassemi is actually a veteran globe trotter. Back in 1999 he trekked through Africa, the Middle East and Asia in a similar fashion. While Ahmed has tried to finance his travels by relying on crowd-funding he has in the past been forced to sell all his personal belongings to keep his dream alive.

Speaking to Al Hayat of his travels and what they brought him he noted, “I came to know myself, know others and their traditions and customs. I learned how to be generous and patient.”

This time around Ahmed says he wants to immortalize his experiences by writing a book and maybe inspire a new generation of adventurer.



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