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Transcript The Beast to President Trump leaked for Bill Gates

By Russell Morris


The Beast:
“Are you aware that Siri
does not understand
the words “hoardable”, “Unhoardable” and “demurrage”.
I have had to force type these words for years in all of my communications about money. I believe this means that all of your economic models are not helping to see what is going on
but instead
leading you down a very dangerous and dark path quicker and quicker faster and faster more and more recklessly into darker and darker deep danger.”
President Trump: looks up at The Beast, he looks up from his work, to listen closely to what is being said.
“Did you say that?” he asks
“I take those models with a grain of salt anyway” he says. And he continues his work focus.
The Beast:
“I have a proposition for you.
Trump: “No no no thank you I’ve already heard all about that proposition thank you.“ And he goes back to his work.
The Beast: “You remind me of our very hard-working partner Robert Morris,  during the time of the revolutionary war.”
Trump: “Yes I know that story very well.”
and he continues working back to his focus
The Beast:
“We want to offer you some very special credit,
a very good deal.”
Trump: silence in the room
Trump speaking to himself silently in his mind with God as his witness
“I’ll get the money into circulation at the bottom of the pyramid and then once the circulation begins to improve the health
of the body economic
I will administer the vaccination which will assure that the body remains healthy always with good circulation. No matter what. I will declare demurrage
on the US dollar.
And our geniuses will never be held back again. And our hard workers all of our hard workers in the widest sense from the top to the bottom will never be interrupted nor forced into a un-natural cycles ever again.
With all of the extra money which will come as a result of using money with demurrage,
the loan
even with interest
will easily be paid back. It requires much less money to do the work when that money is the kind which “melts” and which must always flow; money with demurrage.
But first
we must take care of this little problem you mentioned in the beginning. I’ll make some calls. Don’t worry,
Siri will be there.

The Beast: Salainte!

To be continued…

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