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Where Hope and Death are Equal: The Tragedy of Syrian Refugees

The Levant News —  By Mirvat Sibaii — 


Desperate of the harsh reality, they departed from their homeland to the unknown, running away from life of fear and worry, hoping to get a chance to live in peace and dignity.

Certainly, they risk their lives, but hope is stronger than death by drowning or by suffocation inside a meat truck. On the way to the desired hope of being free from wars and fear, their modest ambitions were thwarted by the death who betrayed their dreams.

However, dying with light of hope in your heart is much better than dying with feelings of fears.

Resolving the flow of desperate migrants from Syria has become one of the most urgent challenges to be confronted by the EU, as richer countries such as Austria, Germany and Sweden become the best target for illegal immigration.

Germany is expecting to receive 800,000 refugees this year. Meanwhile, the number of refugees reaching the EU’s borders reached nearly 340,000 during the first seven months of the year, up from 123,500 during the same period in 2014, according to the bloc’s border agency Frontex.

The AFP reported that Germany, France and Britain made a joint call for an urgent meeting of EU interior and justice ministers to find concrete measures to cope with the escalating migration crisis.

The interior ministers of the three countries “have asked the Luxembourg presidency to organize a special meeting of justice and interior ministers within the next two weeks, so as to find concrete steps” on the crisis, they said in a statement.

The call came after Germany’s Thomas de Maiziere, Britain’s Theresa May and France’s Bernard Cazeneuve spoke Saturday on the sidelines of a meeting in Paris on transport security.

The trio “underlined the necessity to take immediate action to deal with the challenge from the migrant influx”.

However, instead of discussing to establish reception centers to be set up in Italy and Greece in order to register new arrivals of Syrian refugees, European countries need to redouble their efforts to find a serious political solution to the Syrian crisis that would secure the unity of the Syrian territories and restore its stability. Otherwise, any other efforts outside that framework, would be considered as useless, leading to cumulative problems and to accuse the European countries of actively participating in the commission of the Syrian refugees trafficking crimes.

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