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To what extent can American-Jews in Diaspora have an opinion on the affairs of life in Israel?

By: Wasan Abu-Baker* — Last year a major dispute broke out between Jewish and non-Jewish Jews. Especially American Jews, threatening a permanent schism between them. This shed light on ongoing conflict, it causes, and what it might entail in the future.
Salah Shabati is a film of 1964, it includes a scene that gives us an excellent idea to crystalize the relationship between American Jews and Israel.
There is an unprecedented dispute between Israel and American Jews threatens to develop into a complete rift. Some diaspora Jews are angered by a series of legislative strikes emanating from Israel hard -line Orthodox religious establishment but putting an end to their generous funding forever, many young voices, intellectuals of American Jews announced that (This is not the Israel we know).
These were questions surrounding the thorny questions of who is a Jew? To what extent can non _ Israelis have an opinion on the affairs of life in Israel? it began to run slowly for years.
A year ago, The Israeli government issued a quick blow to the rites of non-orthodox Jews when it prohibited mixed prayer on the Western Wall and approved a bill that would ban conversation to Judaism only to the most religious Rabbis.
Despite Israel’s status as a parliamentary democracy, it grants a coalition of ultra-Orthodox Rabbis legal authority over key life issues, including marriage, divorce, and burial. The sector is also overwhelmingly strong in the country’s multi-party system.
Western Wall or the Wall of Al Buraq , is one of the most important sites of Jewish prayer in the world , is under the control of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate , which means that the rules applied there are the same as those applied in any Orthodox Synagogue, separating men and women from worshipers , and there is a complete ban on the use of women for prayer aids, traditionally associated with men such as Torah scrolls , amulets , and headscarves . Even the most secular Jews in Israel are used to the idea that praying in temples and religious monuments usually requires arrangements such as dress and gender segregation. But the image of Jewish rites is much more complex in the United States.
More than half of American Jews classify themselves as either Reform or Conservative Jews. Women are welcomed to pray and read Torah. Singles and couples sing Hebrew songs together, and old Jewish laws on subjects such as Kashrut (Jewish food laws) Saturday with contemporary interpretations more flexible. and while most Jews in Israel know themselves to be either religious or secular, it’s quite possible, outside the borders of Israel, to practice a kind of secular Judaism that appears to the conservatives ultra-orthodox Jew to be nothing like Judaism at all. The response of Diaspora Jewish organizations was quick and bitter. the Jewish agency, the largest non-profit Jewish organization and one of the main supporters of emigration to Israel, immediately called on the Israeli government to (understand the seriousness of these steps) and turn back. Meanwhile, key Jewish donors, have announced that they will freeze their financial contribution to Israel until the government reverses its decisions.
In America Zionism and religious practice go hand in hand, a study by the Pew Research Center in 2013 described the American Jewish community as increasingly alienating from religious commitment and society in which Israelis support for young people and the less religious segments of the population weakens.
There are two main issues here, firstly, the assimilation of almost one million Russian speaking Jews to Israel in the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Rabbis found themselves surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who thought themselves Jewish, but for the Rabbis, they were not Jews. This resulted in a huge doubt in all diaspora communities.
Secondly, the weak relationship and communication among Rabbis around the world.
Chris Hayes on MSNBC, after The Great March of Return in Gaza on March 30, 2018, commemorating the Palestinian Land Day, condemned the Israel shooting unarmed Palestinian protesters on mainstream media.
Diana Buttu, had an op-ed in Washington Post saying (its time to crack down on Israel).
Rep. Betty McCollum of Minnesota, condemned the Israeli violations against Palestinian children through her sponsorship of H.R.4391, a historic bill that supports Palestinian human rights.

It is no longer the same as before, and what has been happening in Palestine, daily violations of Palestinian rights, murdering peacefully protests in Gaza during the Great March of Returns, Imprisoning Palestinian children punishing them on resisting peacefully especially after Trump decisions last December on Jerusalem, constant confiscations of Palestinian lands, establishing more settlements, the main goal is Judaize Jerusalem and the historical Palestine.
The united states of America are an oldest and greatest ally to Israel, but many American Jews, frustrated by the relentless occupation and Anti-Semitic movement, toward the Universities, institutions, coalitions, all over the country, who are trying to say the words of justice, intellectuals and believers in USA are resisting peacefully calling for free Palestine, adopting the BDS, ending occupation.
The American Jewish community must continue to push harder than ever to achieve a lasting peace to secure the future of human rights in Israel and Palestine.
American Jews can’t ignore the urgent need to find a political solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
The question is how much American Jews in Diaspora can affect the New Trump – America- Era?

Wasan Abu Baker

*Wasan Abu Baker is an American Activist with a Palestinian Origin. She is the Vice Chair of Corpus Christi National Justice for Our Neighbors and a staff writer for Kings River Life Magazine in California. She writes about Palestine, Islamophobia, and Education. She is an educator and earned her MA from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York

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