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The Kompano cutting leaves in a Dutch greenhouse.

The world’s first fully automated leaf-cutting robot says ‘Hello’ to the world at Greentech

The world’s first autonomous, fully automated leaf-cutting robot for tomato crops will be revealed during the Greentech Live & Online Exhibition in Amsterdam next week.

The so-called Kompano is the first robot on the market that can move around a greenhouse independently alongside employees, explained its creator Priva. A Dutch high-tech company that develops hardware, software and services in the field of climate control, energy saving and optimal reuse of water.

With the introduction of the Kompano 24/7 autonomous leaf cutting becomes a new reality. Implementing robotization is a major revolution in the horticultural market and addresses the global demand for sustainable innovation.  

Robotization has enormous sustainable potential. It ensures the automation of a number of activities ranging from handling, transport, assembly, marking, packaging and quality control and at the same time addresses modern-day challenges in labor.

It is evident that crop handling is one of the most important elements of daily operations. Growers are facing more and more complex challenges. In addition skilled and payable personnel have become scarcer, and more cost intensive. While the global demand for food is on the rise.

Due to various variables, the complexity and the continuously changing conditions in a greenhouse, growers demand intelligent and user-friendly technology combined with operational robustness and durability. Priva has, over the years, invested time, energy and money in the development of robotic innovations for horticulture.

Priva’s Kompano in live action in a Dutch greenhouse.

After years of research and development and in cooperation with a selection of test growers in greenhouses, Kompano is now completely ready for use in the market. It is designed to de-leaf tomato plants 24/7.

It is the first robot that guarantees an economically viable alternative for de-leafing tomato crops by hand. Smart algorithms and a patented end-effector guarantee over 85% effectiveness at a weekly range of 1 hectare. At the same time Kompano makes it easier for growers to manage their workforce.

The new robot will operate perfectly alongside staff and take care of the more laborious tasks. Kompano offers support to train staff to operate the equipment and a comprehensive service program. Kompano has been tested in several greenhouses all over the Netherlands.

The official unveiling will be at the Greentech Amsterdam on September 28st at 1pm.

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