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President Putin watched closely
the conversation between
Trump and Zelenskyy,
and probably thought it interesting
and with possibilities.
Maybe he even wanted to help it along, knowing that Trump would be open to negotiations outside the usual,
which are only based on
the hoardable trick money.

But then Biden. ?
Putin already knew him
and his ways of doing business
using the hoardable trick boomerang money, which seems to get vacuumed
out of circulation
just around the time
the loan gets called in.

Putin watched this operation for many years, if he is smart and clever
and he definitely has the experience
he would have begun years ago
vacuuming paper US dollars
out of circulation
he has the network to do this,
and once enough is accumulated
begin a project or two
by using these same paper US dollars
AFTER declaring demurrage on them, cheaper and better secured by far
than the mega mysterious
very costly
security measures used for trying,
but mostly failing,
to track the hoardable paper US dollars,
and all of that cost
worked into the price
of everything,
on top of the interest,
but all of this cost dwindles including the interest cost when you
declare demurrage on the money,
more specifically The US dollar,
and there is only one kind that you can hold. It is the paper one.
The rest are changing places
at microsecond speed, maybe faster.

Here is the security of dealing only in
paper US Dollars;
simple book keeping
and an audit agent visiting every week
to very strongly enforce, if necessary,
that demurrage stamps
are in place.
That’s all,
and it’s not a big deal because the money won’t be sitting anywhere,
according to the business plan,
payments are made in advanced stages, synchronized with the giving of the loan
and ultimately the money ends up
in the hands of
The Farmers
The Miners,
and based on what these two,
in the widest sense,
have “sitting on the shelves”
and ready to sell.
The rest goes to their bank,
and then if necessary back to the
Godfather who started it all,
for him or her to
decide the fate of,
maybe take the “leftover money”
and hand it back
to the trickster who loaned it out
in the first place,
the loan paid in full,
even the interest,

THIS is the reset,
from this point
The Money Power Establishment
can do whatever they want with
their hoardable money,
but who will still deal with them?
And will they just leave the money
in the hoardable form
when they use it?

It is your choice free will,
but at least now you have a choice
and not just one option
called money without a clue
that it is
and that this is a very big problem regarding USURY.

None of THIS money,
The US Dollars with demurrage,
gets diverted
into a swamp.
The rule is,
anywhere there is a buildup of cash
paper US dollars
there will be a hotspot, like a cancer
in the body economic.
The dollars with demurrage
will naturally
and circulate
to where they are
best used.

There ends up being,
if you can hopefully logically begin to see, much LESS money necessary
to run the economy
and the economy is insulated
from “The West’s”
hoardable money tricks.

What paper US dollars are used for
US dollars with demurrage,
since they are always circulating so well, means LESS emergency cash
in the war chest of
the money power establishment,
and once they get suspicious
that this may be happening
they will panic,
as they did
when they dropped the atomic bomb
on Japan.

Knowing all of this,
and not just wanting
another panic attack to take place,
wouldn’t it be better to act quickly
and strongly
when Biden stepped into the conversation,
NOT when Trump was on the phone though.

I think President Zelenskyy
has got the money update now
and once he is clear
about the hoardable boomerang money trick then
things start to look different.

Now that you know that it is possible
to declare demurrage
on the paper US dollar
and that as a consequence
the money will WORK much better
than if left in the hoardable form
you might see that President Putin
has got the attention of the world
for a reason,
and I believe he knows
that he finally has someone intelligent
that he can discuss this with;
President Donald Trump
or even
businessman Donald Trump.
Either way is a winner.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Written by Russel Lee Morris

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