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The USURY Lesson of The Century

If I were Satan
what kind of a deal
would I have offered
to Zuckerberg
in exchange for the cash money
he desperately needed
to pursue his dream, 
a long time ago?
(as usual
this takes place
before the banks
decide to get involved)

I would make sure
that the deal was negotiated
in terms
of hoardable money,
because then
I could vacuum it (the money)
out of circulation
at will, and strategically,
in order to bring the human,
in this case Zuckerberg,
down, …
and also to create
the necessary economic conditions
for the survival of
and I would make sure about this
at any cost!

allowing for
The Kingdom
to be Prepared
on Earth
for God
To Come.

One big difference between
Zuckerberg and Trump:
Zuckerberg does not know
The Way Out of The Trap.
Trump does.
Declare demurrage on The US dollar.
The Course has been set.
Our Journey
has begun.

Maybe Trump
will make a deal with Zuckerberg
to help him get the money he needs,
but ONLY
in terms of
unhoardable money with demurrage;
The US Dollar
with demurrage.
This way the money Trump invests
can never be vacuumed
out of circulation
into the hands of
The Invisible Enemy.

Yours Truly
I am at your service,
Angel NicGillicuddy
No I’m not Satan
but I do know that we all
have one common enemy
and that enemy’s weapon
is hoardable money.
Declare demurrage on The US Dollar
to disarm
The Invisible Enemy
and to make The Beast (USURY)

Keep all of this in mind when you watch
2000 Mules by Dinesh D’Sauza
the followup documentary to
Rigged by Citizens United.

Written by Russel Lee Morris

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