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The Paradox of Happiness

We all aim as part of our surviving skills to reach happiness. This could be via various means religious, spiritual, or materialism. Like everything in life, being moderate will lead us to the optimum situation, and the same applies to happiness in both professional and private life.

Several tips helped me throughout my experiences, and I continue learning how to best reach optimum happiness.

  • First, being humble and accepting our emotions and weakness is important to have. Being resilient is good, but also being honest and realizing that we do mistakes and have emotions is important for self-awareness and for achieving happiness. We must understand and face our emotions without hiding them as it will help us to recover and be stable emotionally to be happy.
  • Another important tip is to focus on positivity and be grateful each day. Wake up in the morning and adapt a positive approach to your day will put the mood on the right approach during the day. Thinking about good news, successes, and coming events in our lives and looking at the world from a positive perspective will make us happier in our life and career.
  • Also, simplifying tasks and reducing multitasking will help you focus on one thing at a time and optimize your energy use, this is essential to happiness at work and in life. Use of this tip regularly will help not to be dragged to additional stress and confusion during work and home. You will feel satisfied and happy once you see the achievements made and their results in your daily life.
  • Another important trigger for happiness is physical health which is linked to mental health. Be mindful of the mind-body connection through exercise, the practice of mindfulness meditation, and breathing techniques. I wake up early morning and practice running and swimming, but you can practice another 30-min walk or other sport you like to keep boosting the positive energy and help you face the daily challenges.

I believe we cannot have everything we want and cannot expect to be successful in everything we do in our career and life, but we can maintain a balance to keep us happy enough by following those tips daily to remain happy in our life.

Written by Emile Fakhoury