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The Next Night

Pope F pays a visit to V’s Penthouse.

V sits down next to Pope
it’s very quiet.
You can hear his heartbeat.

V (to Pope ) “Adam,
She puts her hand on his leg.
“I apologize for passing the evil fruit off to you. The hoardable form of money is cursed. I did not know.

“It did serve
for a while,
in the development of
the division of our labor,
but now it is
Master Mammon’s
the glutton she is,
Usury grows because of this forbidden fruit,
the hoardable form of money
made a tempting opening
and evil seized it
to embarrass the hard Worker
who depends on it.

“I didn’t know that this evil Fruit;
the hoardable money
would cause so much of an opening
for fear
to interfere
in the exchange processes.

“I didn’t know that eventually
even The Process of Natural Selection
would be wrongly influenced
by the hypnotic seduction
of the cash money;
the paper US dollar.
As long as it remains hoardable,
Mammon will grow.

do I see something else
beginning to grow here Pope F. My friend?
Listen closely while I relieve you of your anxiety. Be with the breathing and don’t do anything intentional to interfere with the natural breathing. Just witness.”

She dances hypnotically in front of him, close enough for him to smell her.
“I know how to reverse the damage
of The Beast
and indeed indeed
make it subservient.”
She giggles,
a little like the clown from the movie IT.
She bends down to move close to his ear and whispers,
“Proclaim Church Money
with Demurrage.
Angel NicGillicuddy will help you.”
And just then Pope’s eyes closed
and he collapsed.
Kneeling next to him,
V put one hand on his heart
and held the other high up in the air,
“May it be so.” she whispered in the air.

Lightning struck outside the window
and a hard rain began.
And the wind picked up.
Angel NicGillicuddy joined the two
for tea,
and details about
Operation Watch Haiti *

Soft light from the candle shined
in golden flickers
upon Pope
in his usual outfit and
V and Angel
sitting close together
in their pajamas.

* see the Angel archives on this same site

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