“AND, …
The Beast continues,
slavery was a result,
NOT the cause,
of the Civil War.
Plantation owners, and the northern industrialists got caught in
The Trap
of the hoardable money
interest system.
The workers down South
were demanding higher wages.
Some even left their employers
to start their own business.

Even aggressively trying to cut costs (here is where the environment gets hit),
the plantation owners were left unable to keep up loan payments.
Eventually not able even to keep up the interest part.
This happened back then,
and even up to our present day,
after about one generation, or 30 years; the term for a typical mortgage.
A child will never know any different, only ever seeing the distorted ways of hoardable money.
But Harriet and Beatrix were  naturally very observant, and seeing things play out at home
for the full “term” of thirty years, they witnessed what happened.
And what was being done
to “fix” the problem.
And it was very scary.”

Continuing our story
The Beast goes on,
“Tom raised his boss’s son,
In the story of
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
They loved each other and respected one another.
When the creditor came calling
(in the first few pages of Uncle Tom’s Cabin,and just the same as in
Beatrix Potter’s Wag-By-Wall),
the choice was,
lose the farm inheritance and send all the workers away down the river.
Or give the creditor
Tom, the best smartest worker
and a young clever boy …
a good future worker,
and so stay in business
and keep all the other workers employed.
The son heir
promises to get Tom back somehow. He loved Tom like his own family.
And loving all of his workers, the son also was deeply saddened to see the separation of a little boy from his mother.

The northern industrialists were in need of cheaper labor themselves, since they also were facing demands for higher wages up North.

The South found replacements for the worker dilemma
by paying hard cold cash, a one time life payment, for black illegal immigrants.

The northern industrialists NEEDED these slaves themselves
and that is why
they paid (supported) the way for Lincoln, who was from a poor family and did NOT understand the way hoardable money operates,
to free the slaves so they could go up north.
Or maybe Lincoln did see and understand suddenly
and that is why he was shot dead.

The South would suffer immensely in the loss of their LAND
to the Northern creditors.

Winter was approaching.
The Southern plantation owners and businessmen made a plan and created a line between the North and the South
threatening to charge a tariff against the North for food.
Winter was coming.

And war was conjured up.
Who profited from the costly war?..
The ones who made the loans to the northern industrialists.
They knew that otherwise they would not be receiving
even the interest part
on their loans,
which they depended on
for their’s and their children’s lifestyle of not having to work.
I suppose that Beatrix’ father was one of those who gave the loan to the northern industrialists.

* The war is not necessary.
Declaring Demurrage on The US dollar
will purify
the evil talisman THE hoardable Money
which is the cause
of all the corruption,

Honor the human creation and allow it to be as it was intended;
to prepare this world for GOD
to come.

Don’t be scared little faery friend.
We will be fine. The time has come
to declare Demurrage on The US dollar.

The Beast

Do you know why I can see this?
Because I know the ShiBboLeTh
NOT JUST hoardable money,
Unhoardable Money.

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