By Russell Morris


Sitting by the Yule fire,
The Beast and I
are joined by a lovely
faery named Sunshine.
With her she brought a wee book.
Part of her Faery Caravan collection.
She had had this book for many years but never read it fully nor quite understood it.

“Oh I know that book very well.”
says The Beast.
“Beatrix Potter knew about
the secret money trick.”
The name of this book is
“She told us straightaway that her grandfather, the rich one maybe even Elite,
made good money but never spent it,
and no one knew what
he did with it.
The gold was in a sock, stuffed up the chimney, just waiting to be knocked loose
and fall into view like a gift from Santa.

I remember the part about Christmas Eve, poor Sally Benson with no money and no way to help her orphaned granddaughter
When the moon was eclipse that night
the old white owl
sitting on the chimney stack
got a whiff of blue smoke*
and fainted
falling into the chimney
and knocking loose the old sock with all the money inside,
saving poor old Sally and her granddaughter Goldie-Locks, from a miserable ending.
* The dear costs of The Civil War.
But that’s another story (about money), Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. For next time.
The Beast continues:
“Sally even takes care of the old white owl,
who was hurt a little in the fall but not badly.
Sally and Goldie-Locks
got lucky and were both able to live the rest of their lives peacefully with nature.
Helen Beatrix Potter was born into wealth so she didn’t need to earn a living.
So says the book Literary Musings, page 9, Literary Ladies Guide.
Her parents, Rupert and Helen Leach Potter, BOTH hailed from families whose riches were manufactured*, if you will, in Manchester’s BOOMing cotton** industry.
* A subtle nice way of putting it; they made their living from interest earnings. They didn’t have to work, not Beatrix nor her parents nor her grandparents.
** cotton? Doesn’t that have something to do with slaves?
Beatrix watched closely,
all the things that were happening.
And not only outside in Nature.
She had the same keen ability to observe
INSIDE the home,
where plenty of the activity
revolved around
As a young girl,
just like Charlie,
(from Sally Benson’s screenplay;
Without a Doubt,
which was inspired by the story of
The Gorilla Killer; Earl Nelson.
Spooky stuff.)
Beatrix noticed
all the “funny”  business,
and all the funny talk,
and the whispering,
and the funny looks,
maybe even murder,
when it came to the money talk.
‘Something is “funny” about money’
she said to herself.
Funny money, hmmmm?’

Oh my GOD,
I could tell you all about it.

If you want to see
and understand the full picture
you must know
the secret Passwords;
Hoardable Money
and Unhoardable Money.
will tell you the full story.”

The little faery,Sunshine,
just sat listening
a little frightened.

“It’s ok little faery friend.”
The Beast said to her gently.
And he smiled.
And she smiled.
And they both closed their eyes
and took a deep breath,
and relaxed.
and warming their feet
by the Yule fire,
waiting on the money.
It’s coming.
The Spirit of Silvio Gesell
is with us.

Beatrix learned all about money
living in the home of her Elite parents, who from the looks of it, didn’t even like their picture taken,
just like Uncle Charlie from
Without a Doubt. She learned that Land is the final resort, if the money gets threatened. But in her case, she put all of this Land into a National Trust.
Maybe it’s time to utilize this Land, and help the other Land to heal and recover. I think Beatrix would approve.

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