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The Great Reset ?

“As long as
The Great Reset
continues to allow Money to be hoardable,
like in
the cash paper US dollar,
it will only be a reset of the
defective money.
A reaffirmation of the failing failed
Capitalist system
which depends on scarcity,
not of product
but of money
because it (the money) is able to
manipulate the market
by being removed from circulation …
because it will still be possible to easily remove money from circulation; hoard it.
It begins with The Cash Mob Elite
and then rumors begin,
paid for by The Cash Mob Elite,
and then everyone else begins to hoard
The fear deepens and it leads us
to recession and depression
and cutbacks by industry,
which leads to shortcuts being taken
which leads to pollution, layoff of workers, golden parachutes.
About the last … The Golden Parachutes,
CEO’s are wrongfully blamed.
The Golden Parachute is only because
the CEO wants to retrieve as much of her or his investment as possible
so as to maybe be able to start
a new business.
is determination folks.
But The Establishment
wants you to believe that the CEO’s,
all of them,
are just bad people.
It’s another lie.

And as for
The Human Slave Trafficking business …
No change will happen with
The Great Reset.
The hidden cash paper US dollars
will still be there in The Dark Realms
feeding USURY,
The Beast growing growing
and Usury
getting worse and worse.

Before it was noticed by
The Money Changers
a few thousand years ago
that the money could be hoarded;
removed from circulation
to manipulate the market …
before that there were Pyramids (and more).
But since then
there has been
disappearance of civilizations and then boom,
sudden miraculous creation
of art and buildings
like in
The Renaissance.
It’s not a mystery.
It’s normal,
even though it is miraculous,
when money circulates freely.
That is what declaring demurrage
on the US dollar
will assure.
Free circulation.
That the money will not
be hoarded.
It will circulate.
The result being renaissance
over and over
without interruption
nor interference.

Miracles much greater than those of Jesus, like He said.

There is more
to declaring demurrage on The US dollar
than you can even imagine.
What do you think my good friend
President Trump?”

I believe we can WORK
right through the state of capitalism
to the next phase
of our evolution.
I’m with you Angel.
The choice between either
or communism
has just been updated.

is the only weapon of civilized man,
like Silvio Gesell said.

We shall overcome anything,
better and better
when demurrage
is declared on the US dollar.
And then
we shall launch ourselves from this planet
to develop other worlds
with the miraculous new system.
to The Natural Economic Order.
And to you Angel
The Spirit of Silvio Gesell.”

The Pope promises of carbon free
by 2050.
That is a whole generation away.
Do you know why people make these kinds of promises?
Because each generation lost
in The Illusion
by the hidden hoarded cash money
secret Leverage Device
(US dollars these days)
is another generation lost
and deeper
not even able to talk about it
because it makes no sense.

more about declaring demurrage on The US dollar to come …
The Spell will be broken.
Just keep reading.
The Defective thinking
which happens with hoardable money,
these gears will slow down.
And new gears,
new fresh gears
will start turning in your mind.
You will feel a lot better.
A lot better.

be with the breathing
see you next time,


Angel NicGillicuddy ?

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