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The Beast on “Reproductive Healthcare”

Don’t get carried away by this
bourgeois terminology,
it’s a very dangerous shibboleth
into a very evil world,
and the globalist governments,
the stolen election governments,
would love for the citizens
to pay for it,
like some kind of insurance,
global taxes.
Joe Biden, Janet Yellen.

ever since Trump
I have seen
The Writing on The Wall,
this time
The Wall NOT in Syria, no.
I have seen the writing on
The New Wall
of The New Levant Region;
The USA Mexico

I have to tell you something,
because I’m the only one
who will ever do it.
But let me tell you,
with THIS NEW shibboleth I am about to say,
you will find yourself in Heaven
on Earth.

You have a serious poverty problem
on your planet,
and this problem
is growing
like a monster.
Perhaps it is the biggest Swamp Monster
of all,
and remember,
I’m talking about a Swamp 
full of cash
US dollars.

As a consequence
of this growing
poverty problem
there are women, and young girls too,
who are forced
to choose
to carry an unborn child
for certain periods of time
in order to abort and sell
infant ‘spare parts’
just for some money.
The competition in this business
over the last 50 years,
since the previous
Row vs Wade Supreme Court decision, 
has caused prices to rise higher and higher for these ‘spare parts’.

I cause all of this
with the US paper dollar.

Thank God
this business is not federally legal anymore, and now
as the decision is placed
in the hands of each separate State,
you will see what happens
in the states which allow it,
you will see these States
turn into Hell on Earth.

Fortunately these States
will either just crack off
into the ocean (California)
they will be surrounded by States
cutting off their supply
of ‘babies to harvest’.

Thank you President Trump for
The Judges
for The Wall.

I can see that
The Two-Edged Sword
Comes from your Mouth.

Salainte! Cheers!
To declaring demurrage
on The US Dollar **
and also
To also freeing all
The Captive Land,
The Ransom Paid in full.

** or else
Trump Money with demurrage.

The Beast

Written by Russel Lee Morris