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The Arrest of Baghdadi’s Wife and the Terrorists Revenge

By Dr. Haytham Mouzahem with Collaboration with L’indro.it –

Last week was exceptional in Lebanon following the announcement of the arrest of Saja Dulaimy, that some believe she is the former wife of ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.
Saja Dulaimy, has been arrested in North Lebanon with her Palestinian driver who has been identified as her new husband and three of her children, one of them is al-Baghdadi daughter, according to DNA tests.
Dulaimy has denied being al-Baghdadi’s wife or former wife, claiming she was married from someone his last name is Sameraei, which is also the family name of Baghdadi.
Dulaimy, who was married three times, while Al-Baghdadi was the second one and the Palestinian is the current one.
Saja was prisoned in Syria and has been released by the Syrian regime in a swap deal with Syrian Maaloula nuns in March 2014. At that time, “Al-Nusra Front”, al-Qaeda branch in Syria, insisted on releasing Saja Dulaimy at the last minute, threatening of canceling the swap deal.

Anas Sharkas,
Anas Sharkas,

Later on, one of al-Nusra leaders has revealed that Saja is a very important person because she was a daughter of a Jihadi Iraqi leader and her brothers are known “jihadis” while she was al-Baghdadi wife.
This catch was considered very precious for Lebanon government in terms of enhancing its negotiation cards with ISIS and Al-Nusra groups to release 27 soldiers and policemen that have been captured in Arsal town, in Bekaa, East Lebanon, on the Lebanese border with Syria.
Four months ago, these terrorists groups had attacked the Lebanese army and police station in the Lebanese town of Arsal and captured the military men, as a revenge for the arrest of Imad Jomaa, a local leader of ISIS in the Syrian al-Qalamoun area.
The Lebanese army has arrested also Ola Al-akili, the wife of al-Nusra leader in al-Qalamoun, Anas Al-shishani, and her kids.Al-Shishani has threatened the Lebanese government in a You tube statement of retaliating and hindering any swap deal of the Lebanese soldiers if Lebanon’s authorities don’t release his wife.
After few hours of this warning, Al-Nusra front has declared its execution of the Lebanese policeman Ali Al-Bazal, as a revenge for the arrest of terrorists women and children.
It is worth noting that the Qatari mediator in this issue, Ahmed al-Khatib, has left the Lebanese territory, returning to Doha, few hours before the execution of Al-Bazal, which some Lebanese media considered as a Qatari green light for this execution.
ISIS and Nusra are demanding of freeing dozen of “Jihadi” prisoners in Lebanon and Syria, most of them were involved in terrorist attacks and have been sentenced for execution of jail.


These demands are hard to be responded by the Lebanese government for judicial and political reasons. It is not acceptable in the Law to release terrorists who were involved in suicide bombs that killeddozen of Lebanese citizens last year. Second, some Lebanese ministers believe that releasing terrorists in a swap deal will encourage the terrorists to kidnap Lebanese soldiers and citizens another time to impose their demands on Lebanon.
Also, The Lebanese government can’t impose any swap deal on the Syrian government and assure that Damascus will respond to the hijackers demands.
Al-Nusra group has threatened of killing another soldier during a brief period if the Lebanese army does not release “the sisters” and their children, in reference to Saja Dulaimy and Ola Al-Akili.
Lebanese security sources revealed that the the Director General of the General Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, has put up during the recent meeting of Lebanon’s ‘Cell Crisis” to respond to any act of revenge by the terrorists bya quickly implementation of the of executions sentencesalready issued by the Lebanese judiciary against “Jihadi” terrorists.
The source added that despite the enormity of the loss of Al-Bazal, the government’s decision is crucial to refuse to surrender to the terroristslogic, and stressed that it is not a secret that there is no magic or quick solution for the hostages issues.
The Lebanese media quoted a Lebanese ministerial source blaming Qatar for not exercising any pressure on al-Nusra group to not execute the policeman, indicating that Turkey had distanced itself from the negotiations.
Experts believe that Qatar and Turkey have good ties with both ISIS and Al-Nusra groups and that can pressure them to release the Lebanese hostages in a swap deal as they did release the Turkish diplomats in last September.
Back to Dulaimy’s interrogation, the Lebanese daily Assafir revealed that Dulaimy received on August 2, few days after the Battle of Arsal, a warning message from Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to leave the Syrian Refugees camp of Arsal and to move to a safe heaven in NorthLebanon.

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
Later on, the Lebanese army arrested some people associated with terrorist groups, they confessed during interrogation that there is a woman in North Lebanon that is shuttling between Dunniyeh town, Nahr Al-Bared Palestinian camp,Tripoli, Bekaa, Sidon, and Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian camp, in a mission of funding dormant terrorist cells in more than one Lebanese area. Assafir newspaper quoted a Lebanese security source saying that this fund came from Qatar.

After the interrogation with the al-Dulaimy, she acknowledged that the Palestinian driver is not her brother as she claimed first, but her third husband. A delegation from the Iraqi intelligence visited Dulaimy in the prison and stressed that she is not Baghdadi’s wife. But the surprise came from the American side whichaffirmed to the Lebanese intelligence that Dulaimywas al-Baghdadi’s wife and DNA tests showed that the girl that accompanied her was “Hajar”, Baghdadi’s daughter.

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