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Thank you Kurdistan – Christian priests acknowledge Kurds’ help

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – Eight priests of Mosul have showered great praise on to the Kurdistan Region for their part in helping the Christians of Mosul. The priests claim that no country offered assistance to the Christians in their time of flight, but the Kurds accepted them with open arms.

After settling in Ankawa Tuesday, Mosul priests led by Patrick Louis Rafael Sako released a statement announcing that with the help of the Kurdistan Region and the representative of Mosul Christians, a committee will be formed to supervise the affair of Christians’ situation in order to provide them more aid.

“We as priests are all shocked about the current situation in Mosul. People being killed or displaced just because of their religion background is most certainly a crime against humanity,” read a press statement.
They asked the federal government of Iraq to take responsibility for the protection of Christians and all other ethnic and religious minorities to protect their rights and aid refugee families in time of need.

“We are expecting actions from [the Federal government of Iraq] to actually calm people down, not just releasing statements or condemning letters,” read the statement.

On Friday July 8, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants forced the Christians in Mosul to either convert to Islam, pay exorbitant taxes to remain in the city, or flee within 24 hours. This threat of ISIS led all the Christian families to leave Mosul and move to the Kurdistan Region. The Kurds have so far been the only refuge that was stated its willingness to help the Christians.

In Mosul, there were over 30 churches full of the history of the Christians from the region. One, dating back nineteen centuries, was bombed by ISIL insurgents in their seemingly heartless attempt to wipe the Christians from the land.

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