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Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front fighters carry weapons on the back of pick-up trucks during the release of Lebanese soldiers and policemen in the outskirts of Arsal, northeastern Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, Dec. 1, 2015. REUTERS/Stringer

Terrorism: A Hard Power Or A Real Threat?

The Levant News Exclusive – By Sarah Safa* — We live in a world of horror and violence where blood shedding, torture and genocide became not only normal but an important feature of what is called today “Hard Power”.
Governments, if democracy is truly practiced when people should be asked about their own fate, should redefine and recreate a new concept of “hard power” based on more humanitarian and Universalist principles in order to save the world from a dangerous moral and social degeneration endangering the human existence.
Hatred, prejudice and racism shouldn’t be what we carry to the outside world, Islam is pictured today as a barbaric religion based on violence and intolerance and Muslims are feared if not hatred despite the fact that Muslims are the main target of this barbaric wave and are the most to suffer massacres. Islam is a religion like any other and preaches tolerance and social justice.
The war in Syria and Iraq have contributed to the extinction of an Arab identity that existed in a center of high civilization in antiquity, in two of the oldest cities in human history, Babylon and Damascus, to be replaced by a backward violent Islamist identity which poses threat to the entire world. By the destruction, looting and traffic of its entire archeological heritage on the hands of butchers, Oldest and Precious civilizations were all buried in a click and an ethnic cleansing is committed under the eyes of the entire world community without any objection, contributing to an Afghan, Iraqi, Yemeni, Syrian and Lebanese diaspora…
Yes, there is something to worry about, something that the world can no more tolerate, Images of death and all types of human crimes going beyond any imagination are committed in silence with the consensus of the world community, implying an implicit complicity, but committed on the hands of mercenaries that have no color and no faith and hide behind different forms and identities: the so called, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Jabhat Fateh-el- sham(Nusra Front) , or Boko Haram are all run by the same genocidal ideology and supported by some allied countries who share common interests, creating a great operational network.
If there was a serious decision to fight terrorism, why is this threat still existent and even aggravated in after more than ten years now since the American invasion of Iraq?
Back in the 1980’s, the CIA along with the Saudi secret services and their allies managed to create Al Qaida, their involvement in the Islamic militancy can be traced back to the cold war when they funded and armed radical groups in order for the US to encounter USSR’s influence same time when communism poses a threat to the radical and extremist ideology of the Saudi Wahhabi government. But the story did not end after the 9/11 attacks, according the British journalist Nafeez Ahmad who worked as a consultant in the official investigation of the 11th September and the 7th July attacks:
“Since 1994 till the 11th of September, the secret services of the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have secretly provided arms and funds for the Taliban who shelters al Qaida… the Bush administration continued to use Saudi Arabia in order to fund and support jihadists linked to Al Qaeda like some extremist Salafis and brotherhood Islamists…”1
If America’s concerns about terrorism and Al Qaida grew after the November attacks why did it then continue to perform the similar policy in the Middle East?
One cannot ignore the link between the fall of the Iraqi Baath regime and the terrorist threat, America’s concern about terrorism grew only in the meantime of the second gulf war that was waged by coalition forces led by the US and Arab countries. American and Arab fear grew of a Baath regime led by Saddam Hussein what brought about his elimination three years later. Iraq’s invasion became a must when the American government was no more able to fully track Al-Qaeda and maybe to trust its allies…
Influenced by the strong neo-conservative political movement, the George W. Bush administration copiously executed what a group of neocons called for, a letter was published to the President insisted on the importance of removing Saddam Hussein from power and reminding Bush that Israel has been and remains America’s staunchest ally against international terrorism.2
The death of Hafez Al Assad brought about a closer Syria to an Iranian government undergoing an embargo and suffering from tough economic sanctions, Thus, the American government defined an evil axe in the Middle East and sat a New middle East project, this was even publicly announced by the Secretary of State Misses Condoleezza Rice in one of her visits to Lebanon during that time.
An axis of resistance, therefore naturally appeared and was composed of Iran and a group of few Arab countries that totally refused to surrender to the American project or even to collaborate in any way with Israel, those same countries that composed the Evil axe, Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Hezbollah.3

Fear of what was called a Shia crescent has pushed the Saudi government and Israel to come even closer, what explains the lack of progress of the Palestinian Israeli conflict that was and still totally ignored.

Now back to the Islamic militancy, a bright idea came into existence, at the junction of geostrategic interests related to the potential of natural resources that was discovered in the region. Why can’t transfer this Islamic militancy from Afghanistan and Iraq to Syria now?
But Syria’s war is not like any other, it will change the course of history, will either draw the final chapter of a three decade’s post-cold proxy war or bring about a third world war.
The Syrian war will not only determine the fate of the Middle East and Israel for the coming decades but of the entire world, because with its conclusion, a new world order will be set properly this time.

*Lebanese researcher based in Paris.

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