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Tashkent to host UzAgroExpo 2019

International Expo Group holds the largest industry event – the 15th International Exhibition UzAgroExpo 2019 on November 27-29.

The exhibition will be attended by enterprises and organizations specializing in production and sale of modern agricultural machinery and spare parts, equipment, technologies and materials for poultry farming, plant growing, veterinary medicine, processing, transportation and storage of agricultural products.

UzAgroExpo 2018 was attended by 170 companies from 20 countries.

Agriculture is an important sector of Uzbekistan’s economy, accounting for approximately 17.3 percent of GDP and employing about 26 percent of the labor force.  Cotton and grain are the country’s principal crops.  Exports of agricultural products contributed approximately 9.3 percent to Uzbekistan’s external earnings in 2018.  The government hopes to increase agricultural productivity through the adoption of new technologies, and to further develop processing and packaging capabilities to add value to domestic and export products.  The Government plans to develop the country’s textile sector, improve the value added chain and hence process more of its own raw cotton into intermediary or consumer goods for export.

To improve the country’s food security, the Government of Uzbekistan has emphasized wheat production and supported poultry and animal farming over the past few years.  Moreover, the profitability of fresh fruit and vegetables has increased in recent years and local farmers have aggressive plans for developing export markets for these products.

More and more Dutch companies have been recently paying attention to Uzbekistan as a potential partner in sphere of agriculture. Last March at least 45 Dutch companies took part in the agricultural trade mission to Tashkent and Namangan. As a follow up, several mutual projects have been launched in such sectors as greenhouse technologies, cold stores for fruit and vegetables, technological systems and equipment for processing animal waste, agricultural machinery and equipment, animal feeds, feed processing technology, dairy, etc. In coming June 14 companies will present the Dutch Pavilion at AgroTech Expo 2019 in Tashkent which will hopefully be the starting point for more partnerships.

However, any success story should be very well prepared. Market intelligence is a “must have” for the homework done before initiating any activities in a new market. DGP Research and Consulting, a company based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, has issued an information-analytical report on agricultural sector of Uzbekistan. The report was prepared in a way to give the reader a short-cut to understanding agriculture industry of Uzbekistan and familiarize with recent changes in the industry. It is divided into 5 main sections that encompass trends in the agriculture market, technologies in horticulture and cattle-breeding, agriculture machinery, processing and logistics. Each section contains key news during the last year and supported with data from official statistics and changes in legislature.

By Sher Karimov

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