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President Donald Trump attends a rally in Wheeling, West Virginia. Photo courtesy AP

A tale of two states

Angel’s new friend V speaking :
“Yes, I worked in the underground industry
of The Dark Forces.
And yes I was only paid in cash paper US dollars.

I met Angel because she came to us.
She came to The Dark Realms
with the simple truth
which bypassed my foggy confused mind
and touched my heart
which indeed does ‘see’ clearly always.

I have joined her now.
And lots of my fellow slave worker friends
are also coming on board
The Great Ship Moo-La *
where we can see clear skies
and a huge rainbow.

Our Captain President Trump
has his hand on the wheel
and a close eye on the guiding star;
The Natural Economic Order by Silvio Gesell.
He knows it well
and is navigating The Moo-La
through the fog and the storms
and the temptations of all the mysterious Sirens
lurking in The Swamps.
He knows what would happen
should The Moo-La be taken captive
by the zombie disciples of The Cash Mob Elite.
The Great Ship USA would be lost
like many others before
over these last hundreds of years.

The mega deep pocket cash donors;
the ones that force The Cycles
with their trick leverage money hoardable cash paper US dollars
would pull our great ship down down down
into the dark
perhaps for hundreds of years
It has happened before.
History would become very sloppy.
The Swamp would be filled AGAIN
with lots of cash paper US dollars
and there would be even
MORE Swamp Monsters than before.

For this reason
President Trump
will not take his hand from The Wheel.
He has plenty of protection
and hard workers to help him.
Intelligent ones.
He knows that should the US dollar
remain hoardable
the deep pockets would easily retrieve
their donations again
and fund the desperate angry confused
leaders of anarchy
to create dangerous reckless forces
which would cause chaos onboard our great ship and also more chaos on the other great ships.
And that would be the end;
darkness for a long time.

However President Trump is not sailing blindly.
He sees clearly
The Guiding Star of
The Natural Economic Order.
He has the confidence of the hard intelligent workers
of Law and Order
and miraculous Industry.
They will stay with him
and believe him when he says:
We must declare demurrage on The US dollar
to prevent the return
of the dirty cash Swamp
and it’s Monsters.

And you will see
The Great Ship USA
pull away from the Sirens
and the fog and the storms.
And everyone on board will see a bright new day where money flows
smoothly and continuously IN circulation
without interruption or interference
so that our great industries
can ALWAYS improve and refine
and become more and more LOCAL in fact,
under the great organization of The Giants.
Where there is LESS pollution
and no more poverty.

There is no need
for a pot of gold (hoardable money)
but there will be a rainbow.

* see the other articles about the story of
Angel NicGillicuddy.

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