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Takfiri Ideology sullied Image Of Islam- Larijani

The Levant – – The Takfiri ideology has besmirched the reputation of Islam, said Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.  “Terrorism and the Takfiri current have dominated the world public opinion and have tarnished the image of Islam, and [Takfiris] are committing countless crimes under the banner of Islam,” Larijani said in a pre-session speech on parliament floor on Monday.


He said the extremist Takfiri current is one of the key problems that is facing the Islamic community and that has turned into a big headache for the Muslim world.

The Takfiri Daesh terror group has been operating in such regional countries as Iraq and Syria, wreaking havoc on areas under its control. It commits heinous crimes in the name of Islam, killing innocent people and disseminating extremist and Takfiri ideologies.

The group is sponsored by certain foreign states, which turn a blind eye to all the brutality and crimes committed at the hands of the terrorists.

Many Islamic scholars, including from Iran, have denounced the activities of Daesh, saying they bear no link to Islam whatsoever.

Source: PressTV

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