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US Iran deal foes sharpen their knives

THE LEVANT NEWS – Advocates of the nuclear deal with Iran are convinced the pact is in mortal danger following Republican Donald Trump’s upset victory in the presidential election. Deal skeptics on Capitol Hill have already prepared a raft of bills that have a far better chance of making it …

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US military power is more than every country in the world

The Levant News — According to the reports of Indonesian Journalist, Super power U.S is nowadays facing a stiff military competition by china and Russia but latest analysis reveals that U.S is spending most of it’s capital in strengthening its military power. There will be an ongoing arms race between …

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U.S., Russia: The Case for Bilateral Talks

THE LEVANT NEWS — Stratfor Analysis –Phone calls between relatively low-level diplomats are normally not newsworthy. But Monday’s conversation between U.S. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin on the simmering conflict in Ukraine is an exception. The bilateral nature of the conversation and its …

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Obama measures on Cuba trade, travel poke new holes in embargo

Reuters – The United States rolled out a sweeping set of measures on Thursday to significantly ease sanctions on Cuba, opening up the country to expanded U.S. travel, trade and financial activities. Defying hardline critics in Congress, President Barack Obama made good on his commitment last month to loosen restrictions …

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U.S. likely to continue raids to free hostages

Reuters – Despite three failed raids to free U.S. hostages held by militants, the United States will continue to conduct such operations, officials indicated on Sunday, as President Barack Obama grappled with a spate of kidnappings and killings of American citizens. The latest setback came in a remote area of …

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