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Turkey and the Donbass war: Balancing between Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine is actively preparing for a potential conflict escalation in the coal-rich Donbass region that is currently controlled by the pro-Russian forces. Kiev sees Turkey as a strategic partner and is purchasing Turkish-made Bayraktar drones. What is Ankara’s position in this proxy-war?By Nikola MikovicAfter Western-backed opposition overthrew allegedly pro-Russian Ukrainian …

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EU, Russia in double threat to Erdogan (with video)

Recep Tayyip Erdogan faced isolation on two fronts on Wednesday as European and Russian diplomats moved to rein in the Turkish president’s adventurism in the eastern Mediterranean and the Caucasus. EU officials admitted their strategy to defuse tensions with Turkey was unraveling only two weeks after it began. Despite an …

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France backs calls for EU sanctions on Turkey

France on Friday backed Cyprus’ calls for the EU to consider imposing tougher sanctions on Turkey if the Turkish government won’t suspend its search for energy reserves in eastern Mediterranean waters where Cyprus and Greece claim exclusive economic rights. French Minister for European Affairs Clement Beaune said sanctions should be …

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Erdogan ordered to back down in eastern Mediterranean

European leaders warned President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday to stop bullying Turkey’s neighbors amid simmering tension over maritime and energy rights in the eastern Mediterranean. The warnings came as Ankara said its Yavuz drillship would continue its search for oil and gas off Cyprus until Oct. 12, despite international …

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Iran threatens to attack UAE over Israel deal

Iran issued an explicit threat on Saturday to launch an attack against the UAE over its agreement to normalize ties with Israel. President Hassan Rouhani said the UAE had made a “huge mistake” and condemned what he called a betrayal. Supreme leader The Iranian hard-line daily Kayhan, whose editor in …

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