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Gaza 1, Gaza 2, and What Now, Peace?

THE LEVANT – Anis Hamadeh, http://www.anis-online.de/1/essays/29.htm (bilingual) – The event comes before the news. Gaza 1 brought more than 1400 dead between 27 Dec. 08 and 18 Jan. 09, more than 900 of them civilians, as well as 13 Israelis. We remember the phosphorus clouds above the Gaza Strip that …

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Palestinian and international activists cross makeshift bridges over the separation wall

THE LEVANT – Friday morning around 50 Palestinian and international activists used makeshift bridges to cross the Apartheid wall between Qalandiya and Northern Jerusalem. This non-violent direct action was in response to the restrictions Israel had placed on Palestinian worshippers wishing to access Al-Aqsa Mosque in the past months. Activists scaled the wall one by …

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Jerusalem on edge in row over contested shrine

THE LEVANT – This combustible city at the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been edging toward a new conflagration, with politicians on both sides stoking religious fervor over an ancient Jerusalem shrine sacred to Muslims and Jews. After months of escalating violence, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday …

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