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Open Letter to Secretary Wilbur Ross

Honorable Sir, There is no doubt the best way to invest the #COVID19 grant money is to endorse the movement and organization to declare demurrage on the US dollar. There are three reasons; One, In order to unfund The Dark Forces and completely Drain The Swamp of all the hidden …

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Wall Street donors

Who would donate to drive a socialist agenda? … Who have lived for generations on on earned interest income without doing any real work at all? … The Invisible Enemy. They call themselves The Invisible Hand. And in that hand they HOLD cash paper money US dollars. Lots. It is …

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Rules of The Money Game

President Trump stated in the debate that “he didn’t make the rules” regarding the question about his taxes. Plenty of ‘clever‘ rules have been invented over the previous administration’s watch that help businesses to escape from paying taxes. You could call it economic reform to keep things rolling during the …

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Angel and V Relaxing

“First The Deal Then The Money … That’s always the way it is, and that’s the way it should be. Now we have The Abraham Accords, which is already expanding … It’s time for the money without which The Historic and Spiritually assigned Accords will deflate. The very amazing Deals …

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Santa’s Retirement

The Retirement ( loooong overdue ) of Santa, one of the richest guys in the world. Where Santa  just sits by the fire And warms his toes With Ms. Claus And reads  his story, And tells all his little green friends They are free To go home, Back to Nature, …

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